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I am moving from fifth to kindergarten this year. Having used science notebooks with the older kids I am looking forward to using them with my younger kids this year. I love how you have these lessons set up. I will be using many of your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing you ideas so freely with us.


Another activity to do with colors is to put food coloring into white Karo syrup. They can use small parts of plastic straws to mix the primary colors together. The colors stay really bright. The kids just have to understand that they can't take anything home.


Great idea! Thanks! I will be trying this with my class this year!!


Another activity to do with colors is to put food coloring into white Karo syrup. They can use small parts of plastic straws to mix the primary colors together. The colors stay really bright.
That sounds great! I'll have to try that!




Awesome ideas, Kathryn. Thank you so much for sharing them so generously. I am soaking them up like a paper towel in rainbow colored water!

Julie Kate

I am so excited about all of your great ideas! I have a group of students who are "come-back kids," all students coming back for their 2nd year of Kindergarten. These ideas will be perfect for their different learning styles. Three of my students from last year won't have to worry about doing the same stuff we did last year, too! :) Keep up the great work!

Melanie Perkins

We are switching to full-day kindergarten this year, so I FINALLY get to teach science! Your ideas are wonderful, and will find their way into my classroom....


more please


Wow! These are great ideas and I can't wait to add them to my color unit! Thanks for sharing your printables!
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten


If you put clear containers of the 3 primary colors on an overhead, then in 3 other clear containers mix the colors to make the secondary colors...the "Halo" of the overhead will project a rainbow on the ceiling. I have used this with a weather unit by posing the question to my students, " Do you think I can make a rainbow in our classroom?" I do this after I "make rain and a cloud" in the classroom, with experiments.

Patti Holloway

Something I do to extend mixing primary colours is add an experiment for states of water. Day one we make two small Baggies of red, yellow and blue water. We talk about the state of water being a liquid. Predict what will happen of we put these bags in the freezer. The next day get them and talk about solids. Then take a bag of frozen yellow and cut the bottom corner of the bag and put it in a large ziplock bag. Then add the bag of frozen red water cutting corner in the ziplock with the yellow ice. Do this for the other bags with two colours in one large ziplock. The children love watching the primary colours melt and mix together to make secondary colours. I hang thr ziplocks in the window so students can observe, They love this science project.

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