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Kindergarten Kindergarten
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Michelle P

Thanks for sharing these are just what I was looking for. They are really cute and fun.

Holly Kaczmarek

Howdy! I wanted to let you know that I gave you a shout out on my blog post today! I love your birthday cupcakes and found them via Pinterest last summer. I blogged about my classroom today and talked about your cupcakes and blog! Head on over and check it out! Become a follower if you like what you see :)



Thanks! These are not just for kindergarten. I use them in my high school classroom! At first I was worried that they were way too big, and then I realized that I could print them four to a page and they were the perfect size.

Grace Kong

Thanks for sharing! they sure added colours to my classroom! =)


Thank you for sharing!

Kindergarten Malaysia

Thnx a lot! I could use this Fun Activity for my kids... ;D


How cute!! Thank you!!


Hola muchas gracias por tu material.:)

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