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Claire Kazen

Can you share your No David! lesson! I love that book and would love to see your puppet. Also, amazing idea!

Claire Kazen

Ok never mind! I just found it, did you just put it up or did I just miss it?? I think I am going crazy!


Love this lesson!

Wild about K kids

I just found your blog! Love it. I can NOT tell you how many glue stick we go through. Marker lids are always showing up in crazy places :)

Katie Westacott

Brilliant idea! I'm going to use the lid on the marker song with my kids. I am constantly findng poor little dried out markers around my room!

Elizabeth Wolf

If you seal up a dried glue stick with a wet paper towel in a baggie or other container it will re-hydrate. That tip has saved me lots of glue sticks.

Elizabeth Wolf

If you seal up a dried glue stick with a wet paper towel in a baggie or other container it will re-hydrate. That tip has saved me lots of glue sticks.


I recycle glue sticks through Wal-Mart. Bring them to customer service and they work with Elmer's. I found out about this through Elmer's Glue! I have a box of new & a box for old glue sticks and then if a top is needed I use 1 from the recycled box!

Polly speers

I started collecting up old glue stick lids last year - such a good idea! Must try out the baggie tip. Am I the only one who puts out all new supplies and then gets a bit upset when the kids don't look after them properly? I am going to try your glue stick trick on my class this year!

Terri Izatt

Thank you for sharing! You have such great ideas. I mentioned them and you in a blog post I just wrote. I linked back to your blog, I hope that is the right way to give you credit. You can check it out here

Terri Izatt


Cute blog with lots of great tips! Just thought you might like to know, the word "sacrificial" is spelled wrong on the pic with the markers and glue sticks, and its getting pinned on pinterest. (That's how I found your site.) :)

write my essay

What a great idea for classroom behavior management.

Melissa Hill

You are my hero!!!! Thank you so much. This has always been an ordeal in my class!

Melissa Hill

I am writing about the glue and marker tips by the way hahah. Got a little excited and posted without clarifying.


wonder hello


wonder hello

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