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Thank you! These are great! Can't wait for more.

A Facebook User

I can't thank you enough, what a great way to review our sight words. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!


Great activities- these are so useful for my Grade 3 ESL kids!


Loved the idea...hoping for more to come


Thank you so much for sharing your work! So helpful to me in my first year of teaching!

Jo Ann Bell

OH my goodness this is not only what I needed but what I needed today! Thank you So So much!


I'm not sure if you have access to an iPad, but there are a number of great apps that would help with things like this. An app that I found really helpful is A Jazzy Day app. It teaches kids about jazz music. But I found that the storybook portion really helped with their reading practice, as the app reads along with the child. Also, the instrument recognition portion strengthens the children's knowledge of music at an early age.


Love these! Thank you! :)
Crayons and Curls


Love these and am wondering how you introduce them when you 1st start them? Approximately (of course in K) How long do you have the kids do this packet? 1 day? 1 week? Love your site & look forward to many more visits!! :)

Julie R.

I love these! I'm saving them so I can use them next year. Did you just created these in Microsoft Word? I'd love to make more to go with other sight words. Thanks for sharing!!


Love these!! Thank you for sharing!


These are wonderful, thank you!


When I click on the links, I get a blank TypePad page. How do I get them to download? Thanks!

Stacey Friedlander

LOVE the sight word sheets I just found here on your blog. I am new to the K curriculum as I am going to be teaching a LLD class with K - 2 students next year. I am excited to use these with my friends.


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I sat at the computer to make. I should have known you would have had yet another wonderful resource that I could borrow. Your maths problem solving journals are so good that they are now being used by our whole kinder team. Thanks again :)

abir snow

i would like to thank you this is really a life saver.


Fabulous ideas!! Thanks for sharing!! Would love to see some more ....


I love these packets and so does my five year old!! Thank you! Looking forward to the other ones you'll post!

Stephanie M

I really love these! I started using them with my 4 year old today and I will be using them in my classrom next fall!


Hi. Your blog is awesome! Unfortunately, for some reason we can't seem to open these as PDF files and we really wanted to try them for our summer school program. Is there any way you can email them to us? It would be awesome!



These are fantastic. I can't wait to use them next year.

Connie Dunn

This is great. Thank you so much. I plan to use them as a review this fall with my first graders - you never know what they have lost over the summer break. Thanks again.


These are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so very much for sharing! :)))

Sheila Cockerill

Thank you so much for sharing these with us! They are going to be so useful in my classroom!!


Thank you so much! Second year in Kindergarten coming up after 22 years in upper grades. Love your sight word practice activities!

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