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I love the storage bin area at the Dollar Tree!! I know how you feel, I cannot pass them up either!


Don't worry about hoarding the plastic bins. I think zombies avoid plastic at all costs. In the event of a zombie attack, you'll be well equipped.


La la la la, I can't see them. I did stock up on book boxes at Target though........ :)


Those bins are super cute. I may have to look for the dollar tree near me.


Wild about k kids

I think you would find a bunch of us teachers in your intervention. You can NEVER have too many baskets.


I am totally with you there on needing an intervention. I am ALWAYS bringing home cute little $1 bins. I think us teachers will need to start a "binaholics anonymous" group. We would need to find a NON teacher as our leader though! :-)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds! Off to Dollar Tree and Target $1 spot now!


Really, what you need to do is talk to Rubbermaid- their blue containers are the best! We need something durable and colourful and slightly smaller than their smallest size for school stuff!!

Dorothy Tracy

The dollar section at Target is just as bad for me too.


I bought the exact same bins to use for my classroom library book bins. Seriously, how could we not buy them?! I also have a prob with hoarding super cute plastic bins, tubs, containers, cups, baskets, trays... sigh.


Oh you made me giggle. Yes I totally understand. You WILL find something to put in them!

Becky Morin

I feel the same way! I thought of you today as I was in Michael's, Target & the Dollar Store. I came home with 12 bins...do I need them, not really but couldn't pass them up.


LOL, I think we might be related, I need an intervention too!


I hear you about the storage totes from the dollar store!!!! I am adicted to buying them!


This must be a "Kindergarden Teacher" Problem. My youngest is in Kindergarden this year and her entire storage room is full with baskets. I Love it:)
Just found your blog and I am loving it. Just finished making your birthday hat. This is my first year teaching at a preschool and love crafting. So I did a search for "Birthday Hats" on Pinterest and found your blog. It came out great:) Thanks for sharing your ideas with me/entire world.

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