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Sara-Polka Dot Kinders

Thank you! These are great!


Glad to see you are back! Love your blog and all your wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing !


Thank you! And so happy that you are blogging and sharing your amazing ideas!


Thank you so much for these! LOVE them!! Welcome back!

Crystal Young

Thanks so much for sharing. And I am glad you are back as well! Your science ideas rock!


Thank you so much for sharing your files, they are really appreciated


Thanks very much. Your resources are always great. They have helped me so much. Thanks a million.


Missed you so much! Thanks for the great sorting activity!


Thank you!!! I missed your blogs very much!!


SO SO happy you are back. You have been a GREAT inspiration to me as I am about to embark on my first year homeschooling my son. I tried to write each curriculum with your teaching style in mind.

Mary Ann Hall

Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to teach my preschoolers about the five senses!


I was about to make something like this when I came across your free sort! Thank you for sharing and saving me a bunch of time! I really love all your resources!!


Thank you for this activity - it will be perfect for our Sunday School lessong.

Christy Minnis

Should have looked here first - wasted a lot of card stock printing stuff that was close but not perfect. Then I found exactly what I had been looking for here!

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