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What a great lesson. I will be doing it this year, as well. Again - many thanks!


I teach social skills and LOVE this post! I am definitely using it with my students this year. Thank you for sharing!


This is my first year in Kindergarten and I am LOVING all of these ideas. I, too, will be cutting out hearts to use this first week of school!

Lynn Kahla

We did this activity at a faculty meeting this past year, with the principal showing us how our words or the tone in our voices can hurt the heart of a child.


Please, please, please...if you do nothing else this year, read the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" You will probably want to use it with your class. This is my first year finding/using it and the results have been beyond amazing. I am in awe of how this concept touches childrens' lives and the way I see them constantly applying it to their scenerios...I actually find myself tearing up daily over how sweet and amazing my class is. This hasn't happened for me in a long time!

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This is a great lesson on how words can hurt. I like the heart idea. I have heard of using just a piece of white paper to illustrate how bullying affects a person.
You have some great ideas! Thanks!

carol Long

Where did you get your book boxes for each child? The ones with their picture on it, reading a book. They look to be made of cardboard. Do they last the whole year?

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