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Tharon Sass

How do you make these great labels. I would love some for a reading workbook and a writing journal. I have already printed out your math one and science one. Thanks!!!


WOW!! Lot of great ideas. I can't wait to try your math ideas. Thanks for posting both the directions and pictures to go along with each activity.


I'm a student teacher in kindergarten for the first time - and wanted to say that this blog is inspiring. Thanks for some great ideas!


Awesome! I've been teaching Kindergarten for the last 4 years and your site has made me rethink my math and science programs. Just so inspiring, love it! I and my kids thank you for the tremendous ideas! You are very creative thanks for sharing!


After reading these ideas, I'm excited to introduce Science using the contract and expectations to a new group of children. Have taught the mixing color lessons using the water and food coloring, but set the clear cups on top of the overhead and projected it onto the screen. Very cool to watch the colors mix and change. Thanks again and Happy New "SCHOOL" Year!


I love your photos and clear descriptions of ideas. Your science journals recently helped me and some of my colleagues develop an inquiry lesson as part of a larger unit on Diversity of Life for kindergarten students. Thanks so much for inspiring us!

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Love the labels...thanks for sharing!!!


Just want to say thanks for such awesome materials and ideas. These starting lessons are a God send and your generosity with them is sooooo appreciated! Thanks again :)

Diane Strickland

FYI: I went looking for Klentschy's book on science journals. It turns out he was convicted for fraud (falsifying data) related to the book. It's no longer available.
Or just google "Klentschy falsifying data."

BTW, great blog.


I'd love to use these with my classes. I'd have to translate them to French though. I would love to know where you got your clip art from as well. That way I could make my own that were in French!

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