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I like your beg/middle/end paper for journals! We use handwriting without tears, too. This year, we are going to have an extra hour added to our day and I plan on using it for daily writing and "publishing" journals (unless I am told I have to do something else). In TX, we had to do daily "Draft Books", but we didn't have time to do this at my current school. Now, we will!


If anyone is printing these, they need to print in LANDSCAPE.


What did you use to cover the fonts of the journals. They are pretty ugly. Wish they hadn't put all that stuff on them.


I love these journals=) Do you mind sharing about how many sheets of blank paper you put in the journal. I would love to make some of these but am not sure how much of each sheet to attach. Do you just add more as they need it? Thanks so mucH!

Tonya Cordero

Have you tried starfall.com journals? They have a place for pictures at the top and lines on the bottom. If you order more than 20 you can get them for less than $1 each.


Tonya beat me to it with the comment about Starfall journals! They have worked so well in my classroom--with the exception of a few students who really struggle with fine motor skills, the lines are a great size for kindergarteners.


I too love the paper for writing. I was curious about making the books as well because I don't know how many pages to add. You said that some kids are ready to move on to more advanced paper before some. How do you add it? I also noticed that you don't have a place on the pages for the kids to put their name and date. Is that not important?


Daviskm-- This year I made my beginning journals with 10 blank papers and 10 papers with just the box. That will get me through the first month. Then I'm going to re-evaluate. Most kids will be more than ready to move on to the wide-lined paper. I usually do 20 pages in a journal. If they are ready to move on before they're done with those pages, I just let them take them home to write.

I do think the date is important. But I use a date stamp the first 9 weeks. Around October, I teach them how to write the "code date" and what each number represents. I don't usually make a box, because they won't have one when they move to the primary composition books, or in their other journals. I just teach them to write it at the top of the page. I don't make them write their names in their journals--it's on front. I make them practice their name for homework!

Hope that helps!


Tonya and Alex--
I have the Starfall writing journals but had never seen the blank ones. They are great! I wonder if my principal will give me some more money...


I am teaching 1/2 day K and time is so limited. We really only have time for journal once a week! I am lucky to get a sentence out of my kids in their journals at this point. They are hesitant writers as much as I try to encourage them and reassure them. Any suggestions???

Постои очигледно многу да знаат за ова. Мислам дека направивме некои добри поени во карактеристики, исто така. Продолжете да работите, голема работа!


Thanks this is great!!


Love your site. You have some great ideas and resources. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to pass the details of your site on.

Yolonda Wade

Thanks for all the wonderful downloads and super ideas. I am so excited to try these out in my class this year.

lyn wooten

when are you going to add set 3 for the sight word pages?


I have LOVED reading through your blog and am so pumped to try your strategies in my classroom this year. I have already enjoyed success with your measurement unit last year, my first year teaching Kindergarten!! Thanks so much, and keep blogging! ;)

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