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Hello! I LOVE your math and science stuff! Please keep posting :) Last year I started collecting science "experiments" so I could have a weekly activity and this goes so well with it! I will also be coming back frequently to see your math problem solving units! LOVE them!! Thanks for all you do - you sound like a wonderful teacher!!


Wonderful, wonderful ideas and activities. I have just found your site and I am already planning next year. You will surely same me lots of time. You are a fountain of help! God bless.


Your math lessons are fantastic! Your lessons ideas have rigor and they are fun for the kids as well. May God Bless you for being so generous with your talent to create great lessons for children.

Leigh Reed

I love your ideas and how you explain things. I have already shared your blog with about 10 others in a days time!


Lovely ideas, Thanks.


Loving your math and science stuff! Thanks for posting!
I am teaching science & math in Kindergarten in Denmark as an EX-PAT so finding fun stuff is great...I just need to recreate it into Danish.

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