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I love the idea of Problem Solving Notebook and I am eager to try it this year. One question is what do you use for the Big Class Notebook?


Question, does the first and second day have a warm up activity?

Linda M. Graham

I love the ideas you have posted. I am interested in using the Big Book . What do you use for the Big Class Notebook?


You are so generous to share your awesome ideas. This has become my favorite bookmark. I check it every day. I have a notebook right next to me when I jump on, to write down ideas. Thank you again for being so generous and sharing your ideas with us. It seems that so many sites get a few hits and then we are setting up Paypal accounts to purchase everything. When we as teachers share it is for the good of the children in this world we live in. I truly appreciate your blog for sharing ideas. THANK YOU!

Angie Mills

I am loving looking through your wonderful ideas for a problem solving notebook! My school's improvement plan requires us to do problem solving with our students atleast 3x's a week and I was struggling coming up with ideas. Your page is going to be a great resource for me, so thank you! Where do you get your ideas for your problems?

Nicole Schoenwalder

Awesome! Thanks for the ideas and the layout of how to do it all. I can't wait to start this with the first week of school! Thank You!!!

Kelly Laurent

I LOVE YOU!!!! I wish I could be in your classroom as a 47 year old kindergartner.

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Stephanie T

These are great ideas. I have started to use your wonderful problem solving ideas/activities in my classroom! I would love to see more...:)
Thanks for sharing!!


my goodness so many good ideas


Neat ideas! It looks like the problems are on labels? Or just regulat notebook paper? Thank!


Hello! thank you! i teach 1st, how would you start off the year for 1st graders?


Love your ideas.


Love, love your lessons! Thanks for sharing!

Kinder Teacher

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! Do you show the students how you would answer the questions before you let them loose with their notebooks?


You have the most amazing website! It is loaded with great ideas! Thank you for taking the time to share! Love it!


I planned to set up my math notebook this week... Thanks for the wonderful ideas on how to begin and continue.


This is incredible and I can't wait to start this week. Keep the ideas coming.


How do you make a big class notebook? I love this idea. I always make my own class notebook, but a bigger one would be much better.


Wow! I just found this wonderful site while searching for information on rocks and soil. I am so glad to have spotted this interesting link. I can't wait to start my last science unit before going on a spring break with such rewarding activities. Your ideas are making my life less complicated with planning innovative learning strategies.


I absolutely LOVE your site and is such a wonderful resource in helping me to start my math notebooks. I have wanted to use one for awhile but was unsure just how to start. Thank you so much for all your help!I will be visiting often for guidance!!! - Have a great school year!!

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