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Susan Greear

another idea that I use is sorting caps, soda caps, bleach bottle caps, medicine caps...milk caps...I usually send home a note for families to send in caps a month before we start the unit, so I have about 25 per table.


I am student teaching in a Kindergarten class right now, and I just have to tell you- you just inspired me to KEEP TEACHING KINDERGARTEN!! You just made ME want to sort!! Thank you thank you so much, you are an incredible teacher.

Deborah Winegar

I have a question. Are the math questions such as, "Can you sort these buttons more than one way?" printed on a chart tablet? I noticed there is a border around them and just wondered if each child gets a question paper or if it is a big paper for the whole class to see.

Thanks so much for your ideas!

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I'm curious about the previous question, too! Do you type the questions onto labels and put these into your mathematicians' books prior to them working on the inquiry? MANY thanks for your site!


Had Brainy Ball Wednesday today and had so much fun with your activities. Thank you!!


I want to know the reasons why children are involved in sorting in mathematics


I love, love, love your ideas. I could stay on this website for.ev.er.

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