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This is cute! Love it! I will definitely use this in my class!! Thanks!

Nina Hollingsworth

This is brilliant! A more academic use for all those lovely puzzles!!

P.S. I e-mailed you the other day. Just wanted to make sure you got it, because now the superintendent of a large central Texas school district is interested in your science journals :)


Thanks so much, Kathryn! I'll definitely use this.

I've been doing a lot of research on science journals and am pulling together ideas on how I'll be doing them this coming year. You've been such an inspiration for this. If you ever want to see my notes, let me know.

I included sample photos of journal pages gleaned off the internet - which I hope is okay and other info about Before/During/After in the inquiry science lesson sequence.

Thanks again!

Heather S.

What a great idea! Thank you for sharing with all of us.
*Your blog is now one of the highlights in my day. I love to see what great idea you are going to post. Thank you :)!


Kris, can you share your information with us also. Do you have a blog or website???


This is great! I recently discovered your website/blog and it is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing all of your great lesson ideas with all of us!

Robin Marshall

Thank You a Bunch!


What program do you use for all your clipart? I'm assuming it is a scrapbook program, but I haven't found a fun one like yours. Mind sharing the name? Thanks :)


I loved your power point. I am trying to come up with a learning station using position words. Have and ideas?? I could sure use some

Lori Hicks

Hi Kathryn:
Thanks for all your ideas. My team at Tadlock Elementary in Frisco, Texas loves it. Be sure to tell my daughter Kelly Erickson hi for me.


I love your project's, its really awesome ideas, and I really glad to seen your power point, its really great.

Supra TK Society

I found over the years that many times I would call on a customer just to say hello and would ask if their is something I could help them with. There would always be something they were thinking of doing but just had not called me.

Nancy Pham

Hey Katheryn, just wanted to say this is a awesome activity! LOve it! I was wondering if you have any ideas or activities for position word activities but for the physical self ( body movements). I am a student and have to come up with activities for spatial sense: relationship, physical self. The only thing I have in the book I am reading is building an obstacle course or have students move an object on their head or underneath their body parts... If you have any ideas/activities let me know please!

Kim F

Thanks for the power point on position words. I know my class will enjoy it.


thanx for the power point:)

Yam Menendez

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas. I am going to use your position words PowerPoint with my kindergarten students.


We are beginning out unit on positions word next week. I had seen this several months ago and I can't wait to try it out with my ELL's. I am sure it will help their vocabulary and language skills. Thank you.

Tari Baldwin

This is great and very timely, since my county is starting off the year in math discussing positional words to support the CCSS! Thanks so much for sharing this! Is there anyway I could just print this so I could use it with my ELMO???


You have some great ideas! Thanks!


I love your blog! I have gotten so many ideas from you this year. Thank you for sharing!

kim Morrison

I would love to use this powerpoint, but i can't seem to get it to open. Any ideas?

thank you!


I can't open the PowerPoint! The file seems to be missing the ppt file. Any suggestions?


I too would like the powerpoint, but cannot seem to open it. Can you email it to me?


I can't open it either. Is there any other way to access it? I would LOVE to use it in my classroom ASAP.

Kim Brown

I too would like the power point but it will not open. Can you email it to me.

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