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Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to do the notebook!


Where do you get the problems from?

Belinda Carinci

I'm wondering how you print your labels. Is there a special size/type you use? Or do you use shipping labels and do just 4 at a time?

I love all you ideas about notebooks and I too love David and can't wait to use your puppet.

Thanks for sharing! You're amazing!

Stephanie Green

I too am curious as to how you print the labels.
Your blog is awesome! I posted a link to it from my teacher blog...love the cute labels and all of the great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Hi guys...I do print on mailing labels-- 1 x 2.63". I am going to do a quick post soon on how to do it...it's super easy.

Kathy D

Love, love, love what you are doing in math! Your warm ups are great and I love the mathematician's chair.

Stacy Taylor

I am so HAPPY I found your website! I too teach kindergarten and love finding new and exciting ideas. The ideas and information you have provided is EXCELLENT! Have you published any books yet? I am so THANKFUL for teachers like you who share, share, and share your wonderful strategies and techniques! You sound like quite an AMAZING and DEDICATED teacher! Lucky to have you! Thank you!


Hi! I love your labels and your page. Could you possible save them not in a PDF so that I could add more labels to a page.



I am so happy I found this website. I have been teaching Kindergarten for 23 years. I use the David books to discuss the rules. I love the puppet can't wait to use it. I also use math notebooks but love the idea of the labels. Thanks

Missy Windom

What clip art did you use for the math book labels? I would like to find that clip art to use for some other labels.


I am starting my class on math journaling. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.


I am taking a class on Problem Solving and my instructor showed us your site. Thanks so much for all of your ideas and for sharing them!

Kaylee's Education Studio

Love the cute labels.


Thanks for the great ideas!


Thanks for sharing your cute idea, I am putting together math journals for my kindergarten class over the summer and it was really helpful to see your ideas!

Remi Kojo

Wow! I'll say you are a Guru in the kindergarten education fields This will be my first yr teaching kindergarten and I have all these fears. Thankfully your website has been helping me allay those fears. If permitted ill like to use some of your strategies. Thanks a million for your time and effort in putting thee wonderful ideas together and for sharing. hope I have your permission infusing your strategies in my new classroom . Remi


Oops! Some spelling mistakes Please pardon my eagerness to post without checking my writing.


I teach first grade and this is very helpful to me also. I been wanting to do consistant math journal, but had trouble with procedures. Thanks

Cindy Pierce

Could you give an example of the types of problems you use? Do students work in pairs, or individually?


I am new to teaching kindergarten. Your site has been most helpful. I too want to know where you get your ideas for problem solving for the journal. There are no problem solving problems in our math books!

Joanne R. Jackson

I am a kindergarten teacher also. I think the imagery that is shown is so cool to present to my students. I thank you for sharing your ideas that benefit many of us to make our life easier in the classroom. Knowledge is power as the quote says.

Leigh Reed

Thank you for sharing your ideas. I can't wait to incorporate your math journal ideas into my math journals!



I just purchased your first nine weeks of the math journals and then saw the entire set. I ended up purchasing the entire set but I'm wondering if I could get a refund on the initial purchase (of just the first nine weeks)?

Thanks for your consideration and this and great stuff!

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