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Katie Nelson

What a clever idea!


I just printed these off on card stock! Super idea!

Christopher Gibbs

Question - can you post more science experiements and stuff as the year goes on? I want to follow your guide this year for science. I would even pay you!


charlain williams

I agree, I would be willing to pay you to.
Great ideas and very thoughtful about inquire process and how to handle the mayham


My kids LOVE the badges!!! They make science so much more fun and it is an easy way for them to take turns.


The badges are an incredible idea! Gives the students responsibility while instilling the ever so important ideas of teamwork!

Heather Stevenson

I love the badge idea! I am going to adapt it and use it for center badges in pre-K. I think it will work great:)

Pat mac

I love the experiments please add more to follow.
thanks (8-)

Amy Petros

I printed off your scientist badges onto sticky labels (sans numbers) to give out during my visit to an elementary school for Science Day (I'm a chemist). They loved them, thank you!

Laura Kipp

Love these and all of your hands-on science activities. Thanks for sharing!

flash games index

I love the experiments please add more to follow.
thanks (8-)


Not to be a downer- but your badges and your entire blog is completely copied off of another ladies website who created them... you need to have this stuff resources with HER name...



Really? Because I created those badges over 2 years ago (check out the date). I'm not copying anything from anybody...certainly not my "entire blog." I'd love to see a link to this website that I "copied"...I work extremely hard to create resources for myself, my students and my followers, and I do not take your accusation lightly. But unless you provide some evidence, I will assume your comment is random spam and remove it in a few days.


Wonderful ideas! You are so organized and seem like an amazing teacher. It is always hard to remember who got to do what so I am going to try using your science badges to keep the mayhem down during my science classes. Thank you!

Clara C.

The Badges sounds like what I need. The Kidos will love them!
Your site is one of the best I've come across. The explainations and examples are what I enjoy the most. I have started using a 'Mathematician's Chair' this year Thanks... The Kidos love it and I'm in awh of how excepting they are of others thoughts on the problems. Overall I see them learning a new proceedure faster than yrs past.
I'm considering making a special decorated chair for each main Subject that will stay in that subjects center. Then when the subject is taught the chair will be brought forward to be used by the Kidos in much the same way as in Math ..... got to think more on the how for each. Hopefully next year I'll be ready.
Thanks for making your site more viewer friendly too.

Chau Le

LOL..just want to say I LOVE your reply to Cassondra. Sounds like someone is trolling to me.

Anjee Martinez

I LOVE your blog! Thank you so much! I wanted to say that I will have to translate the docs for my students, and want to be sure that is ok. I will not repost them anywhere. Just wanted to be sure that you knew that I would be making modifications. I am a new teacher and new at all this sharing resources so wanted to ensure that I informed you.


Love, love your blog!!!!

Felecia Wesley

You are such an amazing teacher. I can't wait to try this with my students this year.

Thank You for sharing!

Francine Colacci

I just discovered your blog and I think it's wonderful! After teaching science to upper grade students for many years, this year I'll be teaching k-2. I've been scouring the internet for help and stumbled across your site. You are most helpful, I'm so glad I found you!!!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!!!!


Wow, thank you for this!

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