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I love this! We don't have a science curriculum at school and I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks! Do you do a weekly science experiment?

Christopher Gibbs

Our science curriculum is very boring and I am going to do a science journal. I love your concept! I cant wait to hear of other fun experiements!!!!


This is so fun! I can't wait to try this! I am moving from 2nd to K and am excited to see that everyone is using science journals in K.

Tharon Sass

Question. . .does each child have his own pie plate or does each one put the q tip back into the table's one pan of milk???


Excellent question! Although in the video, it appears that each child has their own plate of milk, in my class, I put one plate on each table and make the kids share. I don't let the kids swirl the milk around with the q-tip. Just press it down in the center and watch it go. It's an amazing process to watch, and it keeps working for all of the kids!


So I am assuming that it returns to the former state and then when the next child puts the q tip in it goes out into the star shape again. . . am I close???


No...it doesn't return to it's former state...but it keeps moving and churning and creating whole new color explosions.


Do you do a weekly science experiment?
I don't have a set day for experiments--but our goal is to do 80% "hands-on" science.


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. The pictures, the printables and the video were so helpfu.


Im in Love with your science expectations! I cant wait to do this with my little monkeys!

Kristal Lovette  :)

I just did this experiment with my kinderkiddos this afternoon!! I introduced the scientific process (using an inquiry based approach) and then had them write about it after. I also invited my principal to come in and watch and take photos. She absolutely loved being involved and said this was exactly the kind of teaching that made kids excited to come to school each and every day! My kindergarten students definitely agreed and were so very excited when they did this activity!! Thank you so very much for sharing this! I would love to hear about more scientific activities from your classroom!


thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!


Thank you so much for sharing this! It's helped a lot with first week planning.

Janet Stoppiello

Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas. I teach Science enrichment to kindergarteners and plan to use your idea about the badges.

Kelli Cooper

Thank you so much for sharing. I teach science for K-3 grade so I was very excited to see this activity. This is my first year teaching the younger grades so I have put your blog to favorites.
One question...How much milk did you use? Do you pour just enough to cover the bottom of plate?
Cant wait for my students to try this...even the third graders are going to love this!

Kaye Hunt

I'm really interested in the "What is a Scientist?" Power Point. I'm having trouble with the download though. Anyone else having trouble or does anyone have suggestions for me?

Stacey Kirkwood

Thank you very much for sharing your amazing ideas and resources. I am new to teaching kindergarten science and this has been extremely helpful.

Gennie Garza

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! I, too, am having trouble downloading the "What Is a Scientist?" powerpoint. Any suggestions on how I can resolve the problem?


So what's the science behind this?


I tried it and it didn't work - what am I doing wrong? Used whole milk, but when I put the food colouring in, especially yellow, it spread across teh whole plate - didn't stay in thick blobs like yours did. :(
Am in England...Maybe our food colouring is different?

Munazza Khan

Its very interesting as for as our education system is concerned ..i am a housewife and i used to teach my children and thanks to internet that now i can connect to the site like this and able to teach my children so well..thanks Dear.
Living like us in third world countries where we do not have the right teachers and books and sometime no schools..my hats off for you people.
Munazza from Swat vellay Pakistan


Thank you so much for this!!!!!! Perfect starting point for a first year 3rd grade Science teacher!!!!


I just love your website!! As a new Science Lab teacher what units do you teach monthly? Like I'm starting with Science safety - what do you do on a monthly basis?



Beth Barnes

Love, love, love this lesson!! I am having trouble downloading the powerpoint. Any suggestions?

Janet Sodano

I would love to view the Powerpoint as well. I don't seem to be ale to get it to open.

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