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Christie Neise

Have you used the magazine files before? Are they durable?

Julie Kate

Today was the first day of school for me, and we began Daily 5 for the first time. My class is "building stamina for read-to-self," and we made it 2 whole minutes. :)


Christie--they do NOT seem durable! I am going to let the kids decorate them on the first day of school and then I'm going to use packing tape to really reinforce them! We'll see how it goes. It's only a $10 investment if it doesn't work out!


Julie-Kate, that's great! 2 minutes! I'm very excited to try it this year!


IKEA and Target - two of my favorite back to school stores along with Staples, Office Max and Lakeshore Learning - oh, and Amazon.com. It's crazy!

There is a Daily 5 Kindergarten chat group on Yahoo. I dabbled in it last year and am juming in more this year. Attended a workshop this summer and they've honed it down to the Daily 3 - with 5 choices. Their website it awesome, videos on just about everything and lots of articles, photos, etc. Does cost to join, though.

I want to attend their Daily 5/CAFE Kindergarten workshop this year. Fingers crossed there is still money after all the back to school shopping. :)


Kris--my team is asking my principal to give us $$ for that site. I'm glad to hear it's worth it!


I attended the Daily 5 K training this summer and I am so excited to try it. What's the yahoo group-is it for K teachers? I did the Daily 5 in second grade but it is different in K. I cannot wait to see your room pics! I hope to join the site as well.


Hi Kathryn,

Just wondered how your cardboard magazine files have worked out. Loved the photo you provided of the decorated book boxes.

Thanks so much for all the information.

Elizabeth Zaza

You get a classroom budget? Nice...very nice

True Religion Jeans

It has been such a glorious summer with the nice weather. Made yesterday's heat and humidity even that more unbearable. I cross my fingers that we have an early autumn!!!

Amanda C

Man oh man! One day when I'm rich, I'm gonna reimburse teachers for the supplies they have to buy themselves! Go you! <3

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