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Wow - what a great blog you have here. Thanks for sharing it - I linked here from teachers.net. Don't have any photos to share yet. I took my boys with me to school on Tuesday and we moved the big furniture, but it's nowhere near ready. Going back today ... and maybe tomorrow ... and definitely next week ... and ... you know how it is!

I'll check back by here often - I've enjoyed looking thru here today!

Christopher Gibbs

I am almost done! :-) We have orientation next week and meet the teacher so it is crunch time!!!


If you ever need a shopping buddy, email me!! I am just down IH35!!!


Carol--I love your classroom! Everyone else--if you haven't checked it out yet, go now! She's done an adorable jungle theme. Her classroom looks like such a fun and vibrant place to be! Great Job!


antkteacher--wow, so close! You'll have to e-mail me and let me know where you are (I don't have your e-mail!)


Christopher and Tammie--you better link up when you're done!

Deanna Jump

I love your blog! Thanks so much for all of the time and effort you put into sharing your ideas!!

Christopher Gibbs

I finished my room! I posted the finished product... I worked REALLY hard!!!


I love your blog, Kathryn! Wow, everyone has worked so hard to create such inviting classrooms. My classroom is so plain, in comparison. No photos yet due to not having set up my room. Heading in today! Thanks to all for sharing your pictures.

Katie Estvold

This is very exciting! I'll be setting up my very FIRST Kindergarten classroom this week and I'm soo soo excited!! This is the best teaching blog I've ever seen - thank you for all the wonderful resources. We'll see if I get my act together enough so that I can be a part of your contest :)

Sarah Williams

I tried to share my blog, but when I pressed enter...a weird message came up and wouldn't let me. So, here it is :) adventuresink-3.blogspot.com

Julie Lee

I love this blog. I just ran up on it tonight while searching for great ideas...and I found this! How exciting. I posted a link to my kindergarten blog. Enjoy!


I love this blog, too! Can't wait for new posts! I check every day. :)

Melayne Marchese

Love this blog!! I teach in Buda, Texas so we are very close.....holler if you ever want to shop or visit!! :)


Great idea!!


I have already told you that I love this blog! I have settled into my new smaller classroom and posted a link.

sandra guntorius

I love your blog, you have really great ideas. Thanks

Karen Travels

So excited to find your blog and see other teacher's classrooms!! Thanks for doing this!!

Meri Cherry

Thanks for doing this! This is great. I have gotten so many great ideas from all these fab teachers. I love your blog!


How fun!! I love checking out all of the classroom pictures...and I even created a blog just for my classroom, so I could post my pics(I have a personal one set to private).
I love your blog and have started the problem solving notebooks this week...wonderful!!!


I think this will be the new link I share with my kindergarten teacher friends... one of the others I share is pre-kinders so I was delighted to see Karen in the list up there.

Mandy Collins

Thank you for doing this! I have seen some amazing classrooms!


Today is my first day with kids! Welcome back!


What a fabulous idea...I love being able to see other kindergarten/primary grade level classrooms...it is a FANTASTIC way to get ideas from people doing the same thing as you!!! Thanks for hosting this contest...and when i get my act together I will post a link to my classroom too!

Kendel @ Eating Abroad

I'm a 3rd Grade teacher who is living and working in Germany. Although I haven't made a classroom tour, I did just write a post about 3 main activities from the first day of school in my class. This is a great idea! I love peaking into other classrooms!

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