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This is such a great book - I love that counting jar!!

Leslie Bjelde

I love your site! We are just starting to implement 5E lesson plans and I have some questions for you but I can't get the email section to work. Could you please email me and then I will have it. I am wondering what one of your plans look like.


I will definitely be creating a mouse count jar - I love it. It will work with the felt board story I made up for "Little Mouse, little mouse, are you in the (colour) house?" poem.

Jonelle Bell

I love your blog...just added your blog to my my list of favorites on my blog!! Keep the post coming!!

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You have restored my faith in teaching! I also teach kindergarten. I work in a high-need school, with at-risk children in the Bronx. I love your 'Forest Friends' book. You have inspired me to create a book about missing caps on glue-sticks and markers.

I wish you all the best this upcoming school year.

Liz Mccaw

This is such a great book. I just did this story last week and the kinders are still retelling it. My mice are made of felt and I found a really cool wooden snake at a thrift store. Lot's of fun.


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