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I just wanted to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog. I am starting to teach K in just a few weeks (gasp!) for the first time and your posts never cease to inspire me, big time. Is it dorky to admit that I have them all printed and in a special section in my binder? Please, keep up the great work!!!


You must think I'm a stalker, posting comments so often here, but I'm so grateful for your incredible blog. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your wisdom and terrific ideas. LOVE THIS SITE!


Kris--you can stalk me all you want! I'm glad you like the blog--I love writing it!


Shifra--that is so sweet. Thanks!

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Really awesome sight and I appreciate you sharing so many good ideas. I have been making my own games for years but in preschool. I moved to K this year and you have inspired me with new ideas to get some higher level skills rolling!

Sondra Miner Houtkooper

Where did you get the dice for Gone Buggy with bug spray and a fly swatter. I assume you made them but do you have a template?

Nicole Stojanovski

Your blog is amazing! I have been teaching kindergarten in Australia for 6 years now and still get blown away with your unique and creative ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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