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Can you post the printables you used? I would love to use them in my classroom for our pattern unit. Thanks.


So glad you are back. I check your site more than FB. I love your ideas. I am anxiously waiting for science to get 'really' messy. . .as you described it.


When will the next set of pattern problem soliving topics be posted? I want to do it again next week.



I am hoping for Week 6. I need the next section for next week. My students have really enjoyed doing the pattern activities.


Do you have all of your math journal topics posted? I would love to incorporate math journals into my own classroom, but I'm only a 2nd year teacher and have no idea where to begin! =) I also love how you write the date with their smileys- that is an excellent idea!


I can't wait until week six!

ferrari mobile

I thought it was enjoyable at best.^


I am a kindergarten teacher in NC and our school district uses the Investigations math series too. We are doing a unit on patterning now. Since the Common Core Standards do not include patterning, we have been writing the objectives in as Mathematically Proficiencies KMP. 7 and 8. Anyhow, I was wondering if you could tell me why the "Break the Train" type of activity is important or relevant? (My principal asked me). All I can think of is the part to whole relationship... but I am not sure that relates to KOA.3. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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