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Gayla King

Love your room...love your site. I'm glad you are back...we need some fresh ideas!


Love your room! It looks HUGE!!

Gail P

Nice job! I have been looking for a bargain in the way of red fabric and seeing yours makes me want it all the more. I have 3 windows, each 80 inches wide. That's a lot of fabric!


Dreamy room! Very Nice. Looking forward to your posts. :-)


I am interested to know what you keep in your guided reading bins. Maybe a blog post? =)


Fantastic room! I love your reading center and round tables. I'm a kindergarten TA and have added your blog to my links. :-)


Awesome! Super cute book box idea! Are the books from your guided reading lessons? Love your blog! :)


Thank goodness you're back! I'm a first year teacher and you've been a HUGE help-- keep up the great posts (please!!!)


i love. love. love your book box idea...i am bringing my camera tomorrow and taking some photos of my kiddo's to do the same...

and i love your reading tree...i was needing some inspiration, as my reading center is blucky!

thanks for sharing your room with us...i am the same about teacher desks...but it has to stay with the room...ugh!



I am so thrilled to have found your blog! I found you through Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos blogroll and I have added your blog to mine as well. You have a wonderful classroom environment and I am happy to see my favorite little monkey - Curious George - represented.

I am a kindergarten teacher in New York City working at a Dual Language (English and American Sign Language) school. It is bliss. I look forward to reading more about your journey.


Oh, we got rid of our desk a few years ago and it was a great decision as it really opened up the room. Do you have to have one?


Love your book boxes for each child! I've never seen the idea of using their pictures on the boxes. I LOVE IT!!

Mary Coyne

Your room is fabulous...so big...and so many windows...and storage. Mine is so small...and stuffed with 25 little bodies. You have some great ideas - I did use photos for my book boxes but the idea of having them "read" books is so cool!


How did you make you type onto the cute polka dot labels? Are they from a sheet or did you use the name tag type from the Parent Teacher Store?


What great ideas you have shared with us all. Thank you
It is going to be my first year out next year and your site has given me some great ideas.
You have said that you will be putting your labels up but I haven't been able to find them.
Will you be able to share any classroom labels you have?



Love your room set up! You have some very creative ideas. Thank you for sharing them. I also teach kindergarten and try to keep things organized so that centers (and everything else we do) can run smoother. Can you share the center labels, my class can greatly benefit from them?


Here is my blog post with my classroom pictures. I'm not sure if this is how you do it...
I LOVE your tree. I'm sure the kids love it, too! I'm so excited to find your blog!!


I love you pictures, it gives me some ideas, even though my classroom is much smaller!


What are you using to hang your poem charts? I teach PK and have mine on rings, but when the kids flip them sometimes they fall off or the holes punched in them tear - your way looks so neat and nice!


Oh. My. Goodness. Your room is amazing and you have a zillion ideas!! I just found your blog and will be a faithful follower, I just know it. :) Thanks for posting. I can't wait to borrow some ideas!


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Donna Newdiger

You are truly a gift to your children. I can sense your passion and commitment. After 38 years and many unfortunate circumstances, I now find myself without a job. (much to my sadness) So, you are right, relax and enjoy being with your students. Everything else will fall into place. You never know what is next!


I just found your site and I LOVE IT!!! I taught 5th grade for seven years, and 8th grade for five years before that. This fall I'll be teaching Kindergarten, and I'm excited and nervous all at once! Our district has gone from half to full day, so we added several positions. Instead of inheriting a retiring teacher's classroom, I am starting from scratch, and feeling a little overwhelmed. I get the feeling that your incredible wealth of information/ideas/downloads is going to get me through the year:)!


I so hope my daughter gets a teacher like you when she goes to kindergarten!


Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources! I am interested in the reasons why you wanted rid of your teacher desk...you could use it as a writing or other learning station for your students. Our school doesnt have desks for teachers but we have a shared work room for each group of four classes, this has a table to share with other teachers, encourages collabortion.

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