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Yvette Lopez

OMG! I love your classroom! Thanks for all of the awesome new ideas! I love your tree!!! Great idea!


I love how organized your room is, I'm trying to get there myself! Thanks so sharing your ideas.


LOVE the color coded centers. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


I love the idea of organizing your materials for the day in those tubs. Where did you get those from?

Elizabeth Hathorn

Your shape unit was awesome, and I loved your room! Can't wait to show everything to the girls at work. We start shapes on Monday.
Thanks so much, Elizabeth

Rebecca Gustin

I love how clean and clutter free your room is!I would love to see you lesson plan format for a day to get a better idea. I currently teach in bush Alaska and need some inspiration. I have been on the computer all day learning and taking it all in. Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing ideas!

Account Deleted

Hai I'm so impress of your class arrangement can I know how big is the size of the classroom and I'm looking forward to see your other pictures..


I love the idea of color coding your center areas. I have been trying to figure out what I can do in my classroom and this is a great idea.

Bianca Cardozo

AMAZING... you trully inspire!!!!


its so amazing it helped me a lot to decorate my class ,i want some more pics ,plz send me on my email


I was wondering the same thing Rachel asked...how are you hanging your poem charts? Love the stand. Did you make it out of PVC pipe or did you buy it?

Amy Hanzal

LOVE the book boxes with each student's picture on it... how clever!!! You have so many great teaching ideas! I am wondering if you have made use of digital cameras with your students to enhance reading lessons/instruction? I love the idea of kids getting their hands on digital cameras and incorporating them into lessons and am looking for new ways to do so!

Thanks for sharing!!


Where did you get your book boxes for the kids?


Where did you get the green bins that hold the Legos?


I just heard about you today and am overwhelmed with what you have done. I got placed into a full day JK/Sk (27 kids!) kindergarten and am ill think about what I have to do. Older kids seem so much easier.
My first question is, how do you hold up your posters? I see the wire hangers but do you laminate your posters first and then tape them on? Do you put them on bristol board or construction paper? Thank you very much for sharing your ideas.


Where did you get your book boxes?


Thank you so much for sharing your classroom with us! As a first year teacher it is great to get so many good ideas!


Thank you for all of the great ideas.


What did you make your book boxes out of. Love your room!


Your room is beautiful! So many great organization tips! I am still getting used to my classroom, figuring out my rhythm as a new teacher. Can't wait until my summer hunting for new things to put in next year! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Cotner

Hello! I love all of your wonderful ideas for organizing a classroom! Did you make the stand with your poem charts? If so, how?

Thank you!!


I used your classroom photo of your book boxes for inspiration this year! I just wrote a post about book boxes and featured yours on it. Come by and check it out!

Educator Designs


Post is featured here...


I love everything! How can I get a set of your book and manipulative labels?


Love your set up! I am a first year Kindergarten teacher this coming fall. I am in the process of setting up my room and I have been looking for primary colored totes (like the ones you have in your math center). Where did you get them from? The ones I find are much smaller than the totes pictured. If you could let me know that would be super helpful!

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