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Brandi Wolfe

OH MY GOODNESS!! These are all so ADORABLE!!! I need way more time before school starts so I can get creative!! :)


I have been looking for the hardware drawers with the right number of drawers. Now I am so glad that I didn't find them. Your version is much cuter! Off to Hobby Lobby...


So very cute! You are motivating me into creative school mode!

Judy Lau

I need to get to hobby lobby!! Those drawers are PERFECT and exactly what I was looking for. I have a tub full of little trinkets/toys like that. Thanks for the creativity and idea! They are super cute :)

Kate Merian

I just loved your ABC boxes. I wanted to buy the ABC tubs from lakeshore learning, but I love these! I actually used some of my old barbie stuff to put into the boxes. Who knew it would come in handy?! Thanks for the awesome ideas!


I made 2 I Spy bags similar to these. I put small objects in one and letters in the other. Love your letter sorting idea!


Kate...I just saw your box on your blog. Very cute!!


This is SO cute! I've been thinking about making something similar for my boys (we homeschool). I have a collection of miniatures from when I was a kid that would be perfect. Also, we've made eyespy bottles with recycled pop bottles, quick and cheap. My husband just twists the cap on extra hard so it's over threaded and there is no way it's coming off. I just found you by searching for "kindergarten" on Google Reader. Love your blog!


I love this! Thanks so much for sharing :) I featured this on my blog today, feel free to check it out & grab a button!


Love the idea! I would love to make one but don't know if it would turn out quite as cute! Even consider selling it on etsy?!?

Rebekah Begg

i love this!

Kaylee's Education Studio

This looks like such a fun idea. Its great for teaching the alphabet.


I love the ABC box - got to go to the craft store over spring break!

Tracey Lloyd

Brilliant ideas - please DON'T stop!
So inspired now - can't wait for Monday to put these into action.
Thank you so much for sharing!

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