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Your generosity overwhelms me :) I wonder how many classrooms will print and have your adorable birthday cupcakes hanging? Thanks again!!!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I love them!!!! Now to replace my color ink so I can print them. Thank you! :o)


Thank you so much - they are adorable!

Tonja Meier

Thanks SO much for sharing!


Thank you for sharing. I love your cupcakes.


Thanks so much from a first year K teacher! I bought a poster at Target, but it wasn't big enough, and scanning and enlarging them was low on my list of a gazillion things to do!


We loved these cupcakes and featured them at our blog, Bulletin Board Ideas! We were sure to give idea/photo credit as well as a link and directions to download these fun printables at your site, but we'd love for you to check it out! If there are any problems we'll be sure to take down the feature :)

Here's the link: http://bulletinboardideas.org/2502/free-printable-cupcake-birthday-display/

Kayla Johnson


I love your cupcake birthday idea but I am very interested at what you have on your board below them. I saw a calendar but I couldn't tell what else you had in the pocket charts and on the board. I am trying to be more creative with my morning calendar time and whole group instruction this year. Could you explain what you use? Thanks so much I love your blog!!!


Love, love, love these! Saw them, printed them, laminated them (2 to a sheet), and cut them out all in about 30 minutes! Thanks so much for sharing them! I was looking for something JUST like this!

Kristin Whiting

Love this idea! I was looking for a bday bulletin board for my PreK classroom. Thanks!

Heather O'Brien

Thanks so much! They are better than the premade packet I was going to order!


These are perfect for the birthday board I want to cover a door in my classroom with! Thank yu so much for sharing.:)

Sue G

Thanks for the great cupcakes, I plan to use these this year.

Doreen Bednarski

I just found these while on Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing. School starts on Wed. so I have to start printing!


I can't get the file to open!?


Thanks for sharing ! They are beautiful, exactly what I was looking for! I re-work pictures to traduce monthes because i needed them in french.
Thanks !

Mallory @ Teach Run Repeat

Thanks so much! One of my kids came in this morning and said it was their birthday and I kinda didn't believe them, planned on checking later, never did, and completely missed celebrating. Whoops?! Never got around to making a birthday chart. I WILL this weekend! :)


Thank you so much for offering this free! I plan on using them as a sequencing game when I teach my kids the calendar. :)

Cherry Jam

Thank you so much for sharing!! I really like your 'kind words' idea and will be using that for Valentine's Day:)


i am also a kindergarten teacher you have an amazing classroom I would love to get a closer look at that wall under the cupcakes I really like the set up of that wall and would like to do something like that next year.

Sara Campbell

I just really appreciate this. Believe it or not, I was looking for cupcakes for birthdays...this is even cuter than I imagined. Thank you!!!


Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate this


I can't wait to put these up in my room this fall. Thank you for sharing!



Thank you for your generous sharing!
Appreciate it!

May you have great days ahead, dear :)

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