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Yay! It's so good to see you posting again! TFS!


So happy to receive your post! Love the labels... I have a new classroom and a lot of work ahead...this is a great help.

Vicky Holeman

Found your blog and have appreciated so much about it. I am heading back to the classroom after a few years away doing various other things. This will be my first year in kindergarten and I especially appreciate the photos of your classroom as I begin setting up.

Amy L

Thank you so much for sharing these and all of your other posts. I'm "borrowing" these labels for my classroom, but need to make some additional ones. Can you tell me the name of the font you use on these, and where I might find it? Thank you so much for all you do. :-)


Hi guys...
The font I used is Love Ya Like a Sister. I'm not sure where I got it, but I'm sure you can google it!

Alex Quinn

Nice job with keeping your classroom supply organized with the labels! Love the polka dots and thanks for providing us with the download!


Hello, love your blog! I noticed you use a similar label (but longer and wider?) to label your book bins (by author or theme, I believe). Where'd you get those?

Thank you in advance!

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