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You're so awesome. I want to be creative and crafty like you :. I'm always looking to check if you updated because I love your ideas! Can't wait to see what you did later.

Mama Bonn

I recently found your blog, and I love it!! I'm subscribed, and totally hooked!

(PS: Your dog is adorable!)


Woohoo a single teacher, and a crafter and one who forgets dog feedings...(Mine is the only one on weight reduction to gain weight he does not suffer) but you are on your own on the sewing thing, I've been banned from sewing machines since HS (pockets do not go on the outside LOL)...nice to "meet" you !

Mrs. Parker

I am looking forward to reading your blog. I love your craftiness.


It's great to put a smiling face to the wonders of this blog. Pleased to meet you, Kathryn!


When I open my e-mail and there is a message from you I cannot wait to open it. I love your blog and it was wonderful to get to know who you are .... you are a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Kathryn!

Debbie Clement

Found your blog through the blog hop & LOVE what I've discovered. I've already 'pinned' several of your photos -- which are brilliant documentations!!!

I'm an author/illustrator/music person. My blog post of yesterday would be the perfect way for you to spend some of your blog hopping minutes. It's an ode-to-kindergarten thru the "RULES" of one classroom. EnJOY!!!!



I read your blog constantly! It is so nice to read more about you, although I feel like I know you from your classroom! Thanks so much for being a great inspiration!


Sounds like you and I have a lot in common, but I think you are WAAAAAY more creatively gifted than I am. My little spoiled guy is called Bailey, and he is DELIGHTED when I do sit down to watch a little Pride and Prejudice (the 6 hour BBC version, of course). He is also not happy right now, because the long days at school officially began today.

Thanks for sharing all your great ideas---glad you are 'back'! :)



You have an amazing blog!!! And thanks for all your tips for organization in the classroom. I need them!


I am amazed by you blog and can not thank you enough for it either. I am a Kinder and 1st teacher. I loop- so I keep the kids for two years and teach them both Kinder and 1st Grade. I usually forget what to do in the beginning of Kinder when I get there because it has been so long since I have taught it and I am leaving students that are very independent.
This blog is really going to be a huge help for me next year when I start Kinder again. Your stuff is great and detailed- exactly what I need! I love all the pictures too- really helps a visual learner like me!
Thank you so much!!!

Shirley Reeves

I love your blog!!!! I'm student teaching right now.

Bonny Wilson

I am trying to download your sheets for shapes and it won't open. Can you email them to me? [email protected]

Account Deleted

Hai kath I found your blog n I fall in love with all your ideas..I really want to learn from you however is there anywhere I could email you or anything? and which school you are teaching hear u soon


Hi Kathryn,

YOU are amazing!! I am working on my Teaching Certification and you have helped me immensely.
I love your resources and love the your passion comes through on this site.

Thank you for sharing!


Dear Kathryn,
I loooooove your blog! It's a true inspiration! I have used many resources you have put on your blog. Always waiting impatiently for updates and new resources!


Hello Kathryn,

I am very impressed by all the wonderful work you have put together.

I really want to thank you, I have incorporated many things in my school, and we LOVE them ALL.

I wish you have more themes like the 5 senses , it was amazing!!!



Hi Kathryn from Australia!
I was looking for some inspiration for my little kindy kids, and came across your website. AND I LOVE IT!

Your ideas are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all these resources and ideas. Looking forward to reading them all!

Thank you.


Really Helpful especially for New Teachers.

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