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You have no idea how I have missed your presence on your blog. I have continued to check on you from time to time to see if you'd made it back. I'm so glad you have! I love this site and your creative gifts! Thank you so much for your generous gifts.

Carrie Marshall

So glad you found your spark again! I think we all go through that from time to time. But it always feels great when we get through it!

Denise Jordan

Yahoo! You are back! So glad to see your post!
Thanks and welcome back! We have missed you!


These are a gold mine! Thank you for sharing. My kids will get good use of these.


Yay! Welcome back!


Just discovered your site this Summer. It is wonderful. thanks for sharing1 I love, love, love the problem solving!


Wow! You came back with a big bang! Thanks for sharing all these books!


Welcome back. Although we've never met, I've been concerned about you. You had such amazing posts and then you stopped. I've returned to your blog often but no new posts were made. I'm so glad you are okay:) Thanks for your help.


Thank you for your awesome books and for returning to share with all of us in Kindergarten Land. We have missed you more than you know! I fell in love with your math problem solving and got worried when they suddenly stopped. Take it slow and take time for yourself!


Thanks for sharing your awesome books.

Rose Long

Thanks for sharing your sight word books. I will definitely put these to good use this fall.
The Wonderful World of Kindergarten


These books are wonderful, I am always searching for books like these. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you so much for posting these fabulous books! :o)

Libby Y

Yeah... glad you are back! :) Thanks for the printable books, they are AWESOME!

Kristin Whiting

Your blog is fantastic! I can only hope to do as well one day, both on my blog and in my classroom


Thank you so much for sharing these readers. I love them!!!


Love these books!! Pictures so clear and words appropriate for kindergarten!

Teri Carnell

Love this site!


Thank you sooo much for these books! You are amazing!


Has anyone found a sight that has the Kindergarten sight words that have the configuration of the word traced? I saw
that used on a word wall and liked that
the child saw the letter shapes as well as
the word.


Thank you for posting this! This is perfect for me for non-english speaking newcomers to the US in lower elementary.

Thank you again.


Thank you so much for sharing your awesome sight word readers. My daughter is working as a summer tutor for a couple of kids who need help with reading. These are perfect!
I appreciate your kindness in sharing!!


These are great! Thanks!

Jonelle Bell

Just found these...Thank You!!! You are the best!! Are there more???

A Place Called Kindergarten


Your website is the BEST resource for kindergarten teachers! Thank you for sharing:-)

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