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Love this! I just downloaded and am "destroying" it as we speak. Thanks for sharing!


I also am very happy I came across your website. This is my first year teaching K (8th year teaching) but I am scared to death. You are an inspiration. And I LOVE this book. :)


I used it at school already. The kids take it to their desks all the time to look at again. I am making another one for the librarian. It's on my do list for the weekend.

You haven't been here in a while. Please don't drop out on me again.


Thanks for sharing!! I will be making this for my daycare kids. We have been having lots of books lately looking like this book. However the children doing this are 2 so I wonder if they will get it.

Lois Tschaepe

What a wonderful book! I teach 3 year olds and this is going to be one of the first books we read. Thank you!

martha brown

Thank you so much for this! I think that your scribbling is fine :) I had a hard time doing the mud. I used mud. But it didn't look like mud, lol!

Stacy @ {share&remember.blogspot.com}

This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing. My preschoolers are quite concerned if we have a book with writing on it (if I get one at a garage sale, etc) so I make sure I check them over carefully so we don't get any like that. : ) Very creative book.


You rock!!! I made sure to share this book with my fellow kindergarten teachers.

Have you had a chance to upload the bookmarks yet? We start school Tuesday and I would love to be able to give my kids a bookmark after reading this book and introducing our Read to Self Daily 5.

Thanks for such a great blog!

Rachel Dean

Love the Forest Friends book. I just printed it and made it messy. Looking forward to using it!

Jade =)

I love the illustrations!!! Thank you!


Thank you so much for this! I have printed, but first i have changed it in greek version :)


Thank you so much! I m going to get started on this today!

Latonya Drayton

This such a great idea. I would love to display more books, but they are ruined before I can use them. Children need a visual, and this is an awesome idea I plan to use! Two Thumbs Up!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years

I just came across your blog for the first time today and can't WAIT to explore it more!! Thank you so much for offering this book!!! What a blessing you are to so many!!

Katie Westacott

This is brilliant! I will definitely have to get this made up (and I'm looking forward to doing some scribbling!!) My class has been introduced to "Library Books" and they definitely need a lesson on how to treat them when they go home!


I made your book today!! I'm so excited to read it to my class tomorrow when they choose new library books.

Mrs. West Knows Best


Believe it or not, Mr. Wiggle's Book is now up to $10,000 some places!! Your book is a Godsend! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work.




absoloutly love this will definitely be sharing this

Mary K

Perfect. I'm an outreach librarian and I bring storytimes and deposit book collections each month to preschools. At the beginning of the year we go over book care, but it doesn't always sink in. This will DEFINITELY help! Thank you!


Thanks for sharing. It's an adorable book!

Amy B.

Thank you so much for so generously sharing your mis-treated book. : ) It's adorable!!

Kathy Vaughan-Lloyd

I love the message this book sends. I work for a public library and we are celebrating Preservation Week in April 2012, I have been looking for something the younger kids could relate to and found your booklet. Can I have permission to print it out, make several copies, and pass out to the kids for Book Preservation Week? It will of course have your URL and name on it for credit. Please let me know as soon as possible. thank you

Elizabeth Sherwood

Wow, today is the first time I've visited your blog and I'm so impressed! I (like so many before me) love the Forest Friends book and it will be great to use in my library to teach about book care. Thanks for your generousity! Did you make a bookmark (as your blog mentions) to help students remember the lesson? I didn't find it, but maybe it's in your TPT store...I'll try there. Thanks a bunch :)


Thank you so much for generously sharing this with your readers. I will gladly share it with my class. Terri

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