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Linda McCardle

Thank you thank you for the last two blogs on shapes. I am filing away all this wonderful information! Love your blog!!
A Teachers Touch


Super derail and a great resource. Pinned for future and reference and to share. I love that you have high expectations.

Cindy Hutter

These posts came at a great time for me. My kindergarten class is about to start a big unit on shapes. I love your anchor charts and journal ideas. I have pinned several things for further reference. Do you have your journal headers somewhere for download? Those are awesome and I always need things for our "Math Power Notebooks" (that's what we call our math journals).

Liz Mccaw

Thank you so much for sharing your excellent ideas. I especially appreciate the way you walk us through the lesson. I am using many of these in our kinder shape unit. Thanks again,

Liz McCaw


Patti Walsh

This is awesome. I love the ideas!

Jan Crawford

can't wait to share this with my kindergarten friends.


Congratulations, Katherine!
You do a lovely (and important job)!!! Thanks for sharing and keep on this nice path!!!

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