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Thanks for sharing! We just started our life science unit last week so these will come in handy! Great ideas!


Thank you so much! This is great!


thank you so much for sharing this and your work in beautiful!!!


Great ideas.

Cindy Vance

These are lovely and will be great for my ELD students especially! Thank you!


Thank you for sharing! Your blog is amazing and will be of great help next year when I'm back in kinder! Thank you! Thank you!

Kris Beaver

Thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful ideas and materials. I really appreciate all you do for us via your site. Your students and their families must, as well! Thanks again!

Lupe Palacios

LOVE it! We just started this unit and your ideas are very valuable!


OMG! Loved the materials for this! Something fresher and newer--YAY!

Marla Granger

Thank you so much...this is great, especially for a new teacher:)


This is awesome - I will be doing this with my kindergarteners this week! thanks!!


My state just added this to our curriculum and your unit was a LIFE saver! It is not fun planning this late in the year and this has saved me so much time. I am excited to teach this to my kids!

Mary Pepper

Every time I try to download the cards, my computer shuts off.


Thank you so much for sharing! This is great stuff. Will be doing it with my class this week! :-D


Thank you so much for sharing! I just used thie unit with my class this week!! It went really well. I added a couple of my own twists, but it was great! One of the things that I did add was pictures to go along with your characteristics to help my kinders remember them. I would be willing share if would like them. Let me know! Thanks again for sharing!!


Thank you so much for sharing this unit! You've made my life so much easier!


Thank you for sharing! I love your idea of starting with a discussion and having kids contribute to the chart and then crossing off misconceptions.


Melissa Gelpi

Thank you so much for allowing us to have access to you lessons and materials. Having other ideas is wonderful.

Al Schultz

Thankyou! It was great . I used it today and having the pictures already made up really made it easy for the children




Thank you!!! You were a great help:)
Love a first year teacher!


Want to hear something funny? My supervising teacher told me that the powerpoint was not Kindergarten level. She said it had too much information, some of the information was too hard and that there were too many choices. What do you think about that?


Wow! This unit is so awesome! My students will absolutely love all the pictures and hands-on activities. They will especially love the discussion part since they all love to talk. And me? Well this is a Godsend. Everything I need is already made up. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!


Thank you very much for such great ideas!


Thank you thank you thank you! These are great!

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