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Henny Anggraeni

Thank you so much.. It is very useful for may students to learn about living things.


This is so helpful in understanding how to show children this topic. Thank you.

Diane Wehunt

awesome activities!

vera woods

These were fabulous and just what we needed. Thank-You so much!

Tuyet Dinh

Great ideas. I'm a new teacher so this was really helpful. Thank you even more for not charging for all the activities/worksheets you made! Will be doing this in next couple of days!


Thanks! Just started teaching kinder in Japan. This is a big help.


Thank you so much for the great ideas! Especially for the activities... my daughter will love it!




This is really great.

Carmen Gonzalez

This is a great mini unit. Thank you for sharing. I will be using it with my kindergarteners this week. Great job!


Wonderful ideas! Very helpful thank you for sharing.


You are AMAZING! I ahve been looking for something like this that is visually appealing and simpllified to teach this concept successfully for my kiddos (I teach special education). Thank you so much for your willingness to share so much.


Thank you so much for sharing - coming up to the end of the year here I was lacking inspiration, your blog is fabulous! Thank you for motivating me again :-)


thank you soo much on all the ideas, worksheets, and picture cards. I will use them all. I love them. You rock!!!

Lakshmi Kartik

Thanks a lot for this awesome printable. I needed them for my learning center! It's such a useful resource with an entire lesson plan.

Stacy C.

You are a genius, and incredibly generous of heart. Thank you.


I am searching for some lesson activities and find this article. it's really amazing. thanks so much.


I loved your powerpoint! I translated it into spanish since I teach Science in Spanish. Thank you! (I left the Kindergartenkindergarten.com to make sure I credit my sources= you!!)


Bless your heart!!! With overload of paper being thrown at us, you have no idea how helpful these activities are to myself and my students!!

J. Rowley

Thanks for you sharing your work! It fits well with the NGSS my school is adopting.

Hollie Torres

This is an amazing lesson and you provided all the needed supplements. Saved me lots of time Thanks sooooooo much!

k Haines

I am so thankful for you. You are a ray of hope for new and seasoned teachers.
May God bless you!

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.


thank you. excellent material for fresher teachers


Very cool and nice!


Thank you for your generosity!
This unit is SUPERB!
I have Kindies & they will LOVE this.
Thank you for 'tying' the skills & info together so beautifully.
You are very clever. )))

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