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What a fabulous unit! I'm a new FDK teacher and had no idea where to start. Thank you so much :D

Jennifer Gold

Thank you!


What a big help...especially for staff new to this Unit and age-group! Big thank you!


All of the activities are on point and stimulating! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing. Such great ideas :)


its very helpful for kids to make them understand and also to clears my confusion :)

Kathy J

Thank you. I was just starting my planning and thought I should take a look to see if there was anything already done. This is wonderful!

Emma Marshall

Thank you for this so much!
Looking forward to using it in the spring!


This is the 3rd year to use this unit and I came back to replace a missing recording sheet. This unit is the most thorough, well organized, and accurate one I have found. As a former high school biology teacher turned kindergarten teacher I am very aware how misconceptions learned now can have profound consequences for our future scientists. Thank you for sharing.

Chevon Nunn

Thank you so much, this has helped me so much trying to get my class to understand living and nonliving.


this is great activities!
thanks for sharing


Thanks! Great Unit Lessons!!!

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