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Liz Mccaw

The artefact museum created by students is a wonderful idea! My kinders love artefact displays so I already know that it will be a hit. Thanks for the idea! Liz McCaw


I just found your blog and I love it


What a fun idea, I love the idea of a shape museum. I'll be adding this to our homeschool curriculum for my two boys. Thanks for sharing!

melissa clancy

Thanks for sharing all the downloads to the 3d shapes I love it!! Great post on 3 D Shapes


I love it all! Your kindergartners are writing better than some of my first graders!
We begin our geometry unit on Thursday. I am soooooo excited. We have been working on addition and subtraction with regrouping for, what it seems like, an eternity. It will be nice to move on and your ideas are perfect for my class.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Melissa M.

Your blog is amazing! And...so is what you are teaching your students. Well done. Just a quick note...shouldn't you be calling the "square pyramid" a "triangular prism"? I also teach kindergarten and I believe the technical name of the the shape is a triangular prism. Just wanted to check because maybe I am incorrect.

Melissa M.

so...you made me start to question what i was teaching and in fact you are correct and I'm so not!! Good thing we just started 3-D this year. I will need to get a new block for triangular prism...not the pyramid I was using!

used cat parts

What a fun concept, I really like the concept of a appearance art gallery. I'll be including this to our home school program for my two young children. Thanks for sharing!


This is great..wz helpin ma nephew with chool wrk abt 3D shapes nd this site helped a lot. It made workin with him easier...


Love the 3D Shape Museum will be using it again this year... the children love learning about 3D Shapes! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for sharing! I love your ideas!


this is very interesting it gave me ideas for my project that i pick was to teach kindergarten shapes .... Thank you for sharing this now im not soo much confused on what should get them intertained and also learn something :D

Angela H.

I absolutely love your blog and the wonderful ideas you present. You provide a wonderful way to challenge all students! I am thoroughly enjoying using your Math Journals (Texas version) and am wondering if you plan to continue selling the journals for the next 9 weeks. I hope you do as my kids love them!


Ok la

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