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Seriously! I never thought of this! What an awesome idea! Thanks!


I would give up a week of vacation for shoelaces that would JUST STAY TIED, though. (sigh) It's hard enough to get the children to the point where they can actually tie their own shoes properly, but I've yet to find a lace that will stay put without resorting to a glue gun.


Thanks for the sight word sheets..I am trying to start a blog as well and will share my creations as soon as I figure it out! Love your site!! :)

Rosa Arellano

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! The sight word sheets are great. I shared them with my teacher friends. They are really useful and fun. My bilingual students loved them and enjoyed doing the activities. Thanks. I always look forward to seeing your activities. THANKS A MILLION!


Wow this is BRILLIANT. PS I downloaded your sight word pages from the post above a few weeks ago and my whole team loved them! Thanks for sharing :)


That is wonderful! Love the thoughts :) This website is great and I am loving exploring all your ideas. Thank you for all your help :)


Brilliant! I wish I'd known that about two months ago...I sometimes just resorted to saying "You'll just have to go with one shoe till lunch" (we eat in the classroom).
I'll definitely keep this in mind for next year!

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