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I would have freaked out. I hate snakes.



That is too funny! I had a snake coiled up on my crates before during pre-planning. I bent down to do a little cleaning and I got a rat snake sticking it's tongue out at me:) I freaked out. My AP rescued me!! I hate snakes so I feel for you. My neighbor teacher had one in a cubbie as well.

Amber Unger

My goodness! Where do you all live that you are getting snakes in your classrooms!? We may have to deal with rough winters with lots of snow in Wisconsin...but we do not have to deal with snakes, thank goodness!!


I'm with you girl! We had a mouse problem this year and the screams coming down our hall were hysterical (as long as it wasn't in my room!)


I just love your blog and all your wonderful ideas. I have been reading non stop for days.

I nominated your blog for a top 10 award. Stop by and See.



OMG!! I have to tell you that I would have done the EXACT same thing!! I've identified which of my teammates would have been the Brave Neighbor Teacher and the Super Hero! I cannot stand snakes!

Susanne Mercatante

Loved the story!! I had a snake in my 5th grade class that escaped for 6 months. Never thought my fellow teachers would ever speak to me again!! Snakes I can handle. Mice not so much!

Creative Play Solutions

Some have stingers in their tails, others roll along like a living hula-hoop, while others have the capacity to drain a farmers cow dry.

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