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I love this!! You have inspired me to drag out all my rocks again before school is out. Thanx


Very Neat! I love the recording journal.

theverybusykindergarten :)

Linda McCardle

Thank you for this wonderful unit. I love your blog and look forward to every post!
A Teachers Touch


We recently moved to the south western lowland region of Nicaragua along the Pacific Ocean. We are surrounded by glorious rocks everywhere and my daughter loves to inspect and collect them. I just ordered several books on rocks and sand to be brought down here and I'm so excited to see 3 of them in your unit. Thank you for the very timely post...I was in the midst of planning my own unit for my daughter but now I'll take yours and add our local habitat to it. I was a first grade teacher in the states for 13 years and your blog has been saving me down here...thanks!


Oh my gosh! This post is full of such great ideas. I'm starring this in hopes of doing this unit next year or maybe the end of the year this year if I can get it together. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten


Thanks so much for this freebie! What a great unit! I'm sure the kids had a blast and learned tonnes!


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for sharing your unit with us! This is such a frustrating standard to teach for me b/c I had no clue how to make it fun for the kids! But with your unit... it will be!!! =)


You are such an inspiration! Your details, photos, and enthusiasm are awesome. Thank you for all the info and sharing all your resources!


Love your use of the journal. Great unit.

Miss Trayers

I've always been a rock collector too! It's such a great passion for you to pass on to them. Looks like they had a great time! :)


Jen Humphrey

You are so thorough! I can't believe you have the time to share with us the photos of their journals, your presentation, the book covers that you read, etc... And all interspersed with your humor. I was a 2nd grade teacher for 5 years and would sometimes bring my camera to school. But inevitably I would not be able (or remember) to take pictures while dealing with the classroom management of a cool experiment. Your students are so blessed to be in your class. How fun!


Found you on Pinterest and I am excited to use your ideas in the fall with my homeschool co-op. Thank you so much for the Science Journal Printable.


So detailed! Can't wait for a bit more time to explore your blog....loved this post! Thanks for taking the time to blog.


Children love nature...

Kelli Bradley

This rock unit sounds like so much fun! Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you so much for sharing your lessons, material, and experience! This is just wonderful!

jessica carter

Your blog is awesome!!! I have downloaded some things, tweaked some ideas, and love the idea of using the journals! Thank you for making it so clear!

Lauritha Lane

Thank you for this wonderful resource! The science journal is empowering and reflective. I love that you put together an experience from real life and one they personally enjoyed. Approximately how long did it take to complete the unit? Gather the materials? I would like to attempt this unit. I think my colleagues and my students would like this. Thank you also for presenting it step my step and with pictures! This made it easy to follow.


I absolutely love this unit! Thanks so much for sharing it. I've been looking for kindergarten science that uses a range of literature and hands on activities and this is it! I also use science notebooks, but we are still at the emergent writing stage, so far... :)

Jodie Carlsen

Thank you for sharing this unit! I'm so excited to use some of your ideas with my class! We've just started our science units and many of the activities can easily be integrated into the unit. I wish it were warm enough for us to go outside and sift the dirt from outside!


How wonderful! We will be implementing this unit at Trinity Prep! Thank you!!


Mary Pepper

This looks so good but I am having trouble downloading the unit. Would love to have the printables!


Thank you for this post! I'm a new teacher and I'm starting a unit on rocks next week and had no idea where to begin! I teach overseas, so my resources are limited textbook-wise, but we do have a lot of rocks and dirt! I love your science notebooks activities, next year I definitely want to start science notebooks with my kids!


Thanks for the great post. What are some other great rock books? Most of these listed are currently checked out and on hold at my library.

Kim M

Fantastic! I teach K-5 science and am always looking for neat ideas. I was interested because of the rocks, but found your progression perfect! Thanks so much for sharing.

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