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I love the crowns. I may add that to my birthday bag. Thanks for sharing.


Camille Johnson

The crown idea is wonderful! Both of us who have shared so far do birthday bags - too funny!
An Open Door


These crowns are so cute! I think I've been inspired.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten


Birthdays are so fun for the kids. I have a birthday box. I buy cheap little things, put them in the box and it comes out for their birthday. They just LOVE digging around for a trinket.

Mrs. Parker

Great tutorial. I love using left over border and let the kids go wild to make their own crown; just because.. :)

susan w

I've made a "Fake Cake" of ceramic with holes for candles (including 'One to Grow On'). We bring that out and make a ritual of lighting each one, explaining "On her FIRST birthday ____ was ONE year old, and on her SECOND birthday...etc. Last year ____ turned FIVE years old and TODAY ____ is SIX years old - next year she will be SEVEN" or something like this. Then we sing and blow out candles.

Dale Abraham

Thank you so much for sharing this cute... and inexpensive idea. I have piles of scrapbook paper that I've collected as a scrapbooking consultant...can't wait to sit and watch tv and make my crowns for my kindg. students while I have time. I even have a candle punch,as well as a cupcake one so I plan to use those to decorate my crown.

Lyn Goff

I LOVE these. I think I might have to try making them tonight :)
Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales


These are sooo cute! I'm going to have to add them to my to-do list!!
Growing Kinders

Lyn Goff

Hi Kathryn
I just received the Versatile Blogger Award. I now have to give the award to 5 other blogs. I immediately thought of your blog and you can “pick up” the award at my blog. I do think all these awards are a little crazy, so please don’t feel any pressure to pass the award on. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your generosity in sharing all of your great ideas. :)
Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales


What a cute idea and summer time is the perfect time to work on this! Thanks for sharing!

Liz Mccaw

I love this idea and am busy making my own tonight. I posted about you on my blog right away. Thanks for your generosity.

Liz Mccaw



I LOVE this idea! Thank-you for being such a great teacher and for being such a great virtual colleague! I teach French Immersion Kindergarten so most things I will have to recreate or try to translate but I just think that sharing like this is so wonderful! Thank-you!
Julie P.

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