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You forgot part of the bloody kid thing, I can do that with khaki pants, white shoes and a white shirt and not wear a speck of blood.

Another event with Special Needs kids? The ability to talk calmly with your teaching partner while reassuring the child you are restraining without breaking a sweat and timing the whole thing at the same time.


Definitely an event for speed shoe tying.

And a peripheral vision event- ability to stop some catastrophe in record time when t seen out of the corner of your eye:)

Camille Johnson

Love, love, love this post!!!!
An Open Door


Seeing a kids face and getting to the trash can and bringing it to that kid before they get sick all over the table, their neighbor, your materials and the floor!!


Don't forget walking backwards during the first two weeks of school---so that you can make sure to keep the kids in that thing called "a line".

LOVE your whole post today!! :)


Laral from Little Miss Kindergarten

Laughed so hard...


Hillarious! I once was singing the song, "The ants go marching three by three..." and I forgot the words! My mind was thinking of the first rhyming words I could. What came to mind? "three, pee...Man, I gotta GO!"


Bahahaha! Excellent!
I think you mentioned all the best talents! We are quite talented, aren't we? :)
Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts
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Fawn Chan

Ha, ha, ha, . . . I love your post. Certainly we all can relate to what K-teachers have to endure.



Great posts! Got some more...
Kindergarten Teachers can calmly restrain themselves from screaming out in absolute frustration when THE child continues to call your name (or mom, or teacher) and tap them continuously to tell you something "very important" (NOT) "Teacher, I got a booboo - look!." (as the child pulls the bandaid off!
Kindergarten Teachers can understand every bit of writing for each emergent writer including identifying the author of such work while carefully considering what each child need to grow as a writer...even if there are only four marks on the paper!
Kindergarten Teachers can teach children what it means to stand in line, get the entire class in a line AND assure that no one gets hurt!


Always a pleasure to read your blog, funny and insightful at the same time! Your kids must adore you.


I love this! Thanks so much...and I thought I was the only one who balanced the glue! Sometimes I have kids with a little too much energy monitor the glue bottles...it seems to calm them down =)


I just got switched to Kindergarten from teaching 1st grade for the last 10 years. I'm guessing I'll do ok... I'm a pro at the Kindergarten Olympic Events already! (Especially the glue and blisters from marathon laminating.) Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Michele Green

These are hilarious! Great post!

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Love the lamintating bit...my school laminator broke last week just as I walked in with a basket chock full of file folder game pieces I'd spent two weeks coloring and cutting out. I hated that laminator, but even that was better than hand laminating everything!

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