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Great suggestions! I have a silly question. How do you have your posters attached to the hanger? I'm sure it should be self-explanatory and if you tell me you just used tape, I'll feel silly. Ha! :)

Lil' Country Kindergarten

Suzanne Huber

I'm wondering the same thing as Marlana! HAHA! Are their posters on both sides to make them stay? Did you use butcher paper, chart paper, or poster board?

So sorry. I know that's not the point of your post. Here's another suggestion. A teacher who works in my district found out that her local thrift stores and used book store toss kids books in the trash! Yes, they throw them out! Why? They are usually torn or have writing in them, so they aren't worth anything to the store. She doesn't live in town, but she started collecting them and emailing us to come pick them up. It is a wonderful resource that also saves the environment. If a child accidentally messes one up, I don't get upset. And I got a lot of books I wouldn't have purchased for my room because I thought they weren't kindergarten appropriate - board books with flaps or textures intended for toddlers. The students love these, especially those who have had little exposure to books at the start of the year.

Liz Mccaw

Hi Kathryn, excellent post (again). I also was wondering about the posters.

I've found that another way to get books is the public library. We can sign out upwards of 20 books as well as emergent literacy kits.

Liz :)


Liz Mccaw

Hi Kathryn,

I have put a link to this super blog with my balanced literacy blog. If that's not ok just email me and I will remove it.

Liz :)




Okay, another question coming that has not much to do with this post... where'd you get the label for your book basket (the one that says "song books" on the picture you posted?) I've been looking for AGES for name plates/desk toppers/whatever you want to call them WITHOUT lines on them.



How did you make or where did you buy the poster chart holder? I love it!


LOVE your blog and always find something truly amazing to put in my room...I took your labels last year but am needing to add to my library and have a few boxes that you don't would you mind sharing your font that you use so I am able to make some that match yours?

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your amazing posts.


Where did you get the ideas for the posters? Would LOVE to make some for my first classroom this year, but I have NO idea where to get things like that to make into posters, nor am I good at writing rhymes

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