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You are so lucky. The books are super cute. I love the easy text as well.

theverybusykindergarten :)

Camille Johnson

I bought book #2 two years ago when I started teaching kinder. I LOVE it. My only problem with these books is that they are pricey. That is why I only own one. It would be great to have a school purchase a set for everyone to share.

Liz Mccaw

This series is wonderful, I have them as well. Scholastic publishes two books--people & animals. I also use Ed Emberly(great dragons). I do directed drawing every other day in the first weeks of school and then move to guided drawing once weekly using a sketch book. You will notice a big difference in student confidence and motivation. The good artists improve and the less experienced become great. I have been working on a drawing piece to link to my blog about writing workshop but it's not done yet.Great topic!!

Liz :)

Patti Rosenquist

I bought (or used my bonus points) to get 2 copies each of the ones from Scholastic. (They're actually published by Usbourne, but were sold through Scholastic.)I took the books apart and laminated the directions back-back so that more kids could use the pages instead of one student using the whole book. I also took apart an Ed Emberly book to laminate the pages. Scholastic also has Follow the Directions books for learning to draw. One of them includes sentence starters. I put copies of these in my drawing and writing center. Check out www.unclefred.com as well. Students use actual paper for these, but the directions are online. I've been using these items for a few years now after reading Talking, Drawing and Writing. I've ordered In Pictures and In Words and can't wait to read it! Thank you so much - I love your ideas!!

Annie Moffatt

I just wanted to say that I totally adore your blog and I love reading your posts:) I look forward to getting your emails in my inbox!

Jennifer Adelmeyer

I've got many drawing books in my art center, but these are fabulous. I just went to Amazon.com and found used ones for much less. I'm so excited to put them out for the children and teach from them. There are always a few children that really have no idea or are afraid to draw, so these book give them a great stepping stone. I really enjoy your posts also. Your site was mentioned at conference and I checked it out. I was flabbergasted at all the wonderful resources that you offer and all the other wonderful teacher blogs. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world. I even started my own blog, but have a long way to go, a lot to learn, and not nearly enough time...

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You are so fortunate. The guides are extremely adorable. I really like the simple written text as well.


Wow, that was a lot in one blog. Read it all and loved it! Thank you. Your newest fan.

Some of my best and favorite books have been found at tag sales.


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Pam Guerra

How did they send them to you??

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