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I ♥ all your purchases (I almost bought that same planner) and now I may or may not just have to stop by Target after my first day of jury duty - I think I finally understand the term "retail therapy".

Kinder Cuties

PS- I also often forget what I went to the store for much to the exasperation of my husband and the delight of the store. :)


Love, Love, Love finding bargains. I have enjoyed your blog each time I read it. At least I know now I am not the only one that goes into a store for one thing and leaves with a basket full of stuff and the item I went for nowhere to be found.!!


I will be teaching kindergarten for the first time this year. I love you blog and ideas!!!

Renee Stewart

Target Dollar is my weakness!!!! Love your blog and your ideas!
Thanks for sharing!



After seeing your goodies I am planning a trip to Target this week... love love love the cork boards and the owl vases!


Thanks for the Target update! I will be stopping by this week! :)

Nicole Earle

Target also has great storage containers in the $1 aisle. Some are $1 and the most expensive I have found are $2.50 so I'm definitely going to start stocking up when I go- oh wait I'm there about twice a week for something! I love the pails with chalkboard paint on them.... I'm going to have to find those! Thanks for sharing. :)

Michelle Cooper

What cute finds! LOVE Target:-) I'm going there today for shampoo and mascara. I'm making a list (yes, for just two items) so I don't forget what I came there for in the afterglow of my Dollar Spot shopping!


I LOVE your finds! I too am going to stop by Target today to see if our Target has the owl pencil holder and cork board. Wish I could attach a picture, but yesterday I went to JoAnn Fabrics and found very cute owl cutouts, 36 to a package, first package $3.99, second $1.99.

Kirsten Childs

Ha! I do the same thing when I go shopping. I guess you need to find a cute note pad to make a list on next time. I loved your purchases. I think I may have to take a trip out to Target myself. I loved the book, the extension activity and the emergent reader. It's engaging and perfect for students who are beginning readers. Thanks for sharing your products and ideas.

jessica carter

LOVED your target finds!

Christy Jenks

Can't wait to see what your decor is for your room this year! I bought the white owl for a pen cup and am kicking myself for not grabbing the green one now!


I decorate with owls in my classroom. I guess I will be heading to Target soon! Thank you for sharing your ideas. I love all of them.

Amanda Buxton

I love, love, love Target's Dollar Spot. I did not find the owl cork board...sigh. I cannot wait to see what else your blog has. THis will be my first year in kindergarten after 12 years at 4th and 5th grade.

Yvonnee Gaynor

Congrats on starting a store on TPT. I love your blog and thanks for the opportunity.


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