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Michelle Cooper

Love the balance box and your comparison poster! Thanks for the measurement unit!!


I can't believe you just gave that way! I can't wait to use it! Thank you!



Awesome lesson on weight! I can't wait to use it. Thank you!

susan warder

Extraordinary! I refer teachers to your site as an example of engaging, rigorous and developmentally appropriate content delivery. It can be done and you are doing it so well.

And the best part is you and the kids are having fun!!!!

When in your school year do you do this?


Thank you for sharing! I think you could/should write a teacher's manual with these fantastic ideas!!


Love your homemade balance! So creative! Thanks for the measurment unit!


You crack me up!(2000 cubes):)
I am sure that I could work with you so easily.
I am not stalking you ...but I have been a faithful fan for a long time and when you took a VACAY from blogging I felt very sad.
You encourage me to keep going..and I love the combination of old and new learning that you do.
So I guess I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think you are and I wish we taught side by side.
Fondly, Barbara

amber osterman

What a great post and thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Wow! These are great ideas! I can't wait to try it with my students. They will surely love these. Learning while having fun is a great tool in teaching. Thanks for sharing.


I love all your wonderful activities on measurement. Thank you for sharing these ideas. My students are going to enjoy exploring measurment!!!!

Jennifer Cirar

Thank you so much for all of your ideas on this topic! I love the problem based way you teach weight and capacity to engage students in a higher level of learning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

mrs E

Hi, love your stuff! Just found you today on TPT! Do you teach all day kinder? We are half day and I find it difficult finding time to let them get this involved! Any suggestions?


I did your water bottle T chart today, bottle I put a little spin on it. I picked items from around my room and had the kids act as the balance scale, their shoulders the balance part, their hands the pan. I had them hold the bottle in one hand and the other item in the other hand and the rest of the class could see that the heavier item pulled the child's arm down. It gave us room for great conversations. Items like shaving cream (larger but full of nothing - said one student) and a can of bean ( smaller but made of metal) were able to be sorted into heavier and lighter. PS thanks for a lovely activity! I love your ideas.


I have become addicted to your blog! It is my go-to source for all things kindergarten! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your generosity in sharing your units for free! Your heart is in this profession and it shows! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to me!

Cindy Keller

So much appreciate this packet! Thanks!


This is great!! My students will love it!


I just found this wonderful blog!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!!

Ruby Dolcy

hi, i really appreciate the balance you made at home, quite a useful way to teach. also it helpe the students master the concept.

Ruby Dolcy

Amazing, children are creative,we know. But adult is more creative to invent such learning model which in turns boost creativity and learning.It keeps tha small learners engaged and involved thus learning took place.

I cant wait to try it in my class, for trying it. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea with us.

Angelica Vasquez

You are so creative, gifted, and talented! Thank you for sharing your ideas for free!

beverly  wilson

great idea, thanks for sharing

Angie ratermann

I love this!

Cheryl Dillon

Perfect! Thank you for sharing!

maseko t t

what is the misconception young children have that the mass of an objectis directly linked to its volume

Beverley keltie

Always such amazing ideas for teaching tricky concepts. Thank you so much!

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