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Would love to download your powerpoint but it doesn't seem to be working! Is is just me?
Thanks for all the fantastic resources that you share and congrats on your TPT store. I'm sure you will do very well!
J. :)


This is a great lesson. I was able to download the ppt without any issues. I sure hope you are going to share more of your lessons.


Wow! I wish I had all this info when I taught Kinder! Great ideas!

I have nominated you for an award...you can pick it up at Spotted Around the School.blogspot.com



I love this. My kids play with cups and measuring tools all the time but after this I'll add more to it next time.


LOVE this!! You are so amazing! I am so grateful for your detailed lesson units! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Seriously, you are a genius. I want to be in your class! Thank you so much for sharing the PPt and journal prompts. I cannot wait to try these activities with my little peeps this year!

Knitty Gritty Homestead

Beautiful site! Found you through pinterest. In Ontario, we're reverting to a play-based curriculum...while the curriculum is perhaps more rigorous in that the government "wants" all children going into grade one to know how to read (beginning stages), all centres are play/exploration based. I was shocked to read that sand and water tables are being taken out of classrooms! What a crying shame.
Thanks for this wonderful unit!!


Our sand/water/rice/pasta tables are the highlight of our play-based learning - and excellent for looking at capacity! Thanks for sharing your ideas - I'm so glad I've seen them because they've given me so many ideas to use when capacity comes around again this year. Very inspiring!


What great ideas! Thanks!
Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts


I love this blog! Learning while having fun! In this generation where technology and gadgets are just around the corner, kids are getting too much attached to them. Good thing that they can still use these great tips in learning.


I am not able to download this file & it is adorable!!!!!!!! Help.


Any updates on when the problem solving math journal prompts will be available on TPT? I can't wait to get them!

Donna Newdiger

I can't get the powerpoint to open either. I just get a bunch of randomness. :(

I love kidz

Please help.....I was unable to download the PPT. Love your site!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas :-)


This is such a great idea!! I am a school librarian and always looking to find new ways to connect the library lessons to the curriculum!


This is awesome! I can't wait to try it with my kinders! :)


I can't get the PPT to open either, I just get a page of random writing. please help. Would love to be able toPuse it with my prep class.

D. L.0

I love the lesson. I liked the comment you made" don't let them tell you this is not rigourous". You made my day! Thaks for sharing these awsome lessons!


Fantastic powerpoint and ideas thankyou.

alison mahoney

I love this unit! Though, I am also having a hard time downloading the PPT. Help!


Hi there,

I just wanted to say I LOVE your site! I'm a pre-service teacher on my first practical experience placement and teaching kindrgarten for four weeks. Your site has been absolutely invaluable in helping me write my lesson plans. Thank you so much :)


Please assist with downloading your ppt... I'm starting a capacity unit with my 5 year olds next week and have been inspired by your blog!
with thanks!


wonderful i wish i were a teacher in a kid school which uses such methods
haimamani indiaComment below or sign in with Typepad Facebook TwitterGoogle+and more...


I cannot open the powerpoint. Could you help with the download?

Ann-Marie Parisi

This is fantastic! I find 'capacity' a tricky concept for 3-5 year olds. We have a sand table and sensory bin and do a lot of hands on activities. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.
Ann-Marie Parisi

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