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A new school and a new beginning is always exciting.
Good Luck I can not wait to see what you do with your space. :)



Good luck with your set up! I am going in tomorrow-we are due back on Monday .

Liz Mccaw

Have fun! Change is always an opportunity to grow. I love all of the display space in your new room and can't wait to see what you do with it.

Liz :)


Good luck! I'm jealous of all of your storage. I moved to a new school and a new grade-----and I love it. I have special needs pre-k kids. :) More photos please!


Best wishes for you in your new school home. Sure would welcome you as part of our kindergarten team! Congratulations on making that move in all that heat. Phew!~


Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do with all that space!! I am sure it will be amazing! :)

Marin Muncaster

Completed my first week of school! Off for three days this week due to Isaac! Missing my kids already!

Meghan aka Busy Bee

oMG I love the title! I feel sweaty, gross & tired every day!! Love your site!


Have you stopped blogging? It's been too long!


I too am wondering if you are still blogging?


I see that you haven't blogged since school started. I hope you are not working too hard at lesson plans the like to blog ;-)

You're an optimist. I would miss the huge windows too but you are right, you have a lot more space now. In fact that's probably just one of the trade offs we make sometimes in our work spaces. I like that bulletin board style. It makes it easy to stay organized when things get busy.


Please start blogging again!


Hi I love your positive attitude. Im a preschool teacher, I've moved so many times that I lost count, sometimes somebody help me, sometimes I have to manage it by my self, it is really a challenge but you managed it really well, my new classroom has huge windows but not much space in the wall. Please let us know how is going now.
Good luck, Lourdes Geyer.

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