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Robin Carrier

Ok I am laughing so hard right now. I am totally copying this and we are going to play it while we are stuck in I mean enjoying the meetings we will sit in all day tomorrow... :) You are awesome!


This is just too funny for words!!! LOVE your sense of humor!


You are funny!! I love it and plan to share it! Thanks for making our 4 LONG days of inservice much more fun!!

Mrs. Armstrong

LOL - I love your sense of humor (a few parts snark mixed with a few parts good-natured fun mixed with a dash of an appreciation for the absurdity of education...I mean life). I want you to know that I shared your post with my husband who is a college professor. He is heading off to an overnight retreat today and he was not looking forward to it. After reading your post last night, he was inspired. It is amazing how many of the words on your bingo charts apply equally well to higher ed (barring recess and swapping a few acronyms for others). He was talking about getting prizes and creating an I-Pad App. Oh, the possibilities! Thanks for helping my hubbie endure!


I just spit out my drink! I teach kindergarten in Florida and it is so funny to think how much things are the same!

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