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Traci G

No more calendar??? Really?


Hi Traci!
Calendar concepts have been removed from the Math TEKS, although it can still be used as a "tool." The concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow still appears in the social studies TEKS.

I will still be doing a short calendar routine as part of our morning meeting. I think rituals like that are super important to building a strong classroom community. However, it is no longer considered part of math instruction--so I'll have to take those minutes from another part of my day.


I'm in Texas, and while I love the added number sense and real-world applications, I just can't support the removal of patterns. It is such a huge foundation for algebra! :(


I didn't know they were changed! That would've been helpful to find out (I work at a private school, we kind of find things out at the last minute...) No more sorting or patterns, calendar or ordinals?! Grr... but I completely understand the computing additions. Our curriculum doesn't hit that area very hard. Thanks for sharing!

Amy Biddison

Like you we started teaching new TEKS last year. My district has made the choice to keep most of the things that were taken out. We just feel they are important foundation pieces for the kids. Thanks for the great post and website. I bet many of those lessons will still be used!

Teaching in Blue Jeans


We started learning about them last school year. I am sad that some things are gone, but really excited for the longer focus on numbers. I thinks it's so important.

Sprinkles to Kindergarten
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Omg! I live in Texas. No calendar? Then how do they learn days of week, months etc?

So crazy.... We are doing Investigations with math computation assessments.

Dee Dee

I know in FL, with the implementation of VPK, standards for 4 year olds were raised drastically. It felt like they moved Kindergarten to us.

BTW, I love your site! Love your ideas! I am using quite a few of them this year with my own 5 year old homeschooler. She's a sponge!

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