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Are both of the pages with the numerals supposed to be the same ones?


No....sorry...I'm uploading the correct version sometime today!


When you click on the Watermelon game it doesn't take you to a format that lets you save it. The Bug Sort one just takes you to information about the game.


I am so glad I found your website! The file folder games are perfect for my students. Thank you for sharing! Your artwork is really lovely.


I LOVE your file folder games ... super cute!!! Do you happen to have any more you would like to share??? :)

Mrs. B :D

Hi Kathryn!
I'm SO EXCITED about school starting! It is August and the children don't arrive until September! We are going from a half to a full day Kindergarten Program in Fairfax County and everyone is thrilled! I downloaded your file folder games and your labels and I'm looking forward to spending the next few days enjoying my wonderful, sunshiney preparation time! I want to be ready for the children so that my focus is on them and not the panic of getting ready. Thank you SO MUCH for making this possible through your gift of time, organization, and BEAUTY! The things I have printed are so lovely. I know my room will be a beautiful place to enjoy learning - thanks to you!
Many, many blessings for your year!
Your asspreciative, new friend!
Mrs. B :D


These are the cutest ones I've seen. Love them.... Thank you for your time and talent..


I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing.

Carol Korsten

We love the file folder games, but we can't download on windows for some reason. Can you help us?


I love your file folder games. How cute they are.
Thank you so much for sharing them.

meghan ling

HI, I love these folder games but I am truly excited to try the problem solving notebooks!
Do you use CGI problems as well?

meri cherry

Thank you soooo much for uploading these. This is so great!

Mrs. E

What beautiful artwork! I am inspired!! Thanks!

katie c

these are fabulous! I am LOVING your blog and everything you have on here to offer, thank you SO much! It's inspiring! :)

Ellen Burdine

Than you for these! I'm making a quiet book for my 3 kids at home with 3 ring binders, laminated pages, and magnet tape. These are PERFECT and you did such a great job. I just found them from a random google search and I'm so glad I did.

Nina Norman

These file folder games are amazing! Where did you get them? Thank you for sharing. :)


Love you ideas but cannot download the files. Do I have to do anything special?


Will you be making anymore file folder games? my students love them and they choose to do them on their free play. I would love to make more

Miss Feeney

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these file folder games!!!

I'm currently a student teacher and I've been searching for some extra activities for my early finishers.

I sincerely appreciate your generosity soo much.

Thanks! Miss Feeney!

Tara Z.

Thank you these are awesome! I teach Kindergarten and I am trying to find new center games always! Thank you.


These file folder games are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing :)


Thank you SO much for your willingness to share your ideas/games. I love them all and will be using the summer to prep these materials.

Mrs. A

I just wanted to say that these folder games are absolutely beautiful. I know my students will love them.

Melanie Hope

I think you are awesome! This is a wonderful resource.

Jen Peters

What fun ideas you have!!! I will be using these for preparing my 4 year old for kindergarten!! I too bookmarked this page, so pretty please post more. Thanks a bunch!

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