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These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Janice Lescrinier

Your file folder games are fabulous! I'm teaching K this year and these are exactly what I've been searching for. Thank you so much!!!

Deana Sutton

I have been teaching for 10 years and have taught 1st and 3rd grades and was asked to move to Kindergarten. I am a bit nervous about this move so thank you so much for sharing your file folder centers!!


Oh my gosh! This is so cool! Its like I just found the mother load of all completely awesome kindergarten resources! I'll definitely be using the awesome resources that you've shared here when we start homeschooling this fall! :-)

Karin Weber

These file folder games are awesome! I'm going to get them ready so I can use them this year in my classroom! Thanks!


Thank you soo much for these wondeful games!!! I can't wait to use them!!

Heather J

Please tell me you have plenty of time on your hands and can make more of these beautiful file folder games??!! If you sell them on I would be sure to buy them.

P.S. My students always ask if they can work with the "pretty file folder games" and they are, of course, referring to yours!


I just love your website. I have learned so much!!!! Thank you!!!

B Eisenbarth

Thanks! The file folders are wonderful! Love them! Thanks again!!!! :)


Awesome! Thanks for making these available!


Thanks for all the help, I've been out of the kindergarten class for ten years these are sooooooooo great. Thanks for all of yoyr hard work, Can't wait to use in my new kindergarten class.

Joy Cox

These are wonderful resource and ideas- I am really inspired and can't wait to try them.

Your folder ideas are amazing. Your site has really helped me focus more on the education of my children.


You have some amazing resources posted, and I have greatly appreciated the information and items that you have shared. Thanks so much!


I just found you today (4-2-13). I am kinder a teacher. Thank you


I love these! Thank you so much!


These are great games! Im a first year teacher so the ideas are so helpful! Thanks so much...

Amanda Cohen

As a first year Kindergarten Teacher just reading a few pages have been very helpful. My advisor sent me your blog and I will be reading a lot tonight. Love these folder games!

Alex H.

I love your file folder games!!!! I'm working with kinder's and they are loving these games. Thank you!!!!!


do u have another site that has sample shapes??


Thank you so much, this is a wonderful I love so much, I teach kindergarten they're enjoy
thank you for sharing

Marilyn Harvey

These are so lovely. Thanks for sharing!!


Thank you for sharing!

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